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Gateway 7330gz cpu cooling fan

CPU cooling is superior though as the 80mm fans provide more airflow than the dual 60mm in the LC10. Also keep in mind that we removed the center crossbar in the LC10 to allow for the larger Zalman cooler. CPU cooling is very important, a less than average CPU temperature prolongs CPU life (up to more than 10 years). On the other hand, high CPU temperatures can cause unreliable operation, such as computer freezes, 70-293 or slow operation. CPU cooling is further enhanced with one side fan and another optional fan installation on the motherboard tray. The second fan installed on the side panel is then strategically positioned to increase the air intake for VGA heating areas.


Coolers are usually tested on a real processor, overclocked to maximum power. The stock thermal sensor reads the temperature of the CPU core. Cooler internal temperatures will no doubt prolong the life of the system hard drive as well as the DVD unit. The overall look of the case is nice and very professional in appearance.


Temperature readings were taken off the ITE IT8712F device on the Sapphire 17RS400 via SpeedFan 4.27. For the purpose of this test, the internal temperature diode of the Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 670 proved most capable of discerning minor temperature differences, being affected neither by the mounting position/pressure of an external temperature probe nor the probe's local heat capacity. Temperature is the number one enemy of overclockers. When the system (particularly the CPU) overheats, it quits working.


Fans placed in the computer were easily dissipating the heat generated by Radeon HD 2900XT, which was not a small thing to do. If you want high-end hardware in your HTPC, but want all the portability you can get, think about this cocktail of formats. Fans and Heat sinks can only be effective to a certain extent. Fans in series like this don't give you twice the airflow - each one can only move, at most, as much air as it could by itself, and one is just feeding the other. But series fans do give you a higher static pressure rating, which means the fans are better at dragging air through the case against the resistance of inlet vents and cables and all the other stuff that conspires to keep case airflow low.


Removing the heatplate is not necessary to use a GFD. The Tech Zone offers more direction on removing the heatplate in this article, and deciphering the numbers printed on the core and cache chips here. Removable of the hot air around the CPU and its heatsink becomes a challenge. For true silent operation, the noise of a hard drive must also be tamed, and the heat from a PSU removed from the case without a fan.






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