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Gospel house music web sites

Using Christian Song Search Sites

Christian Music Online

Your favorite Christian songs can be found online at one of the Christian song search sites.
More than just the songs are available, information on almost any songs background is also available. Just type in a few words from the song you are looking for or the title or the performer and it should show up.
Most of these Christian song search sites are free to use. You can also search by just typing in the CCLI number if that was all you know. You would be able to find out if the song was public domain.

Several Christian songwriters and performers believe in sharing their gifts with the body of Christ and therefore offer their work for free.

This Little Light Of Mine- Christian Song

For a truly unique version of This Little Light of Mine - Christian song listen to The Clark Brother's recent recording. It is great to hear an old favorite done in a new and energetic way.

Your Friends Will Love Christian Musical E-Cards

Send your friends free Christian musical e-cards. What a great way to remember them. You can choose the sound they love such as worship, gospel or hymns. Whether your friend or loved needs a little encouragement, or for their birthday or congratulations.

You can add your own special message that can be either romantic, encouraging or just fun. You are also able to add a special message or scripture. You can make them as unique as you want with different backgrounds and photos.

The Internet, a Valuable Tool

You can take advantage of the many Christian sites and resources available online. Always use wisdom when allowing your child to use the computer.

Find the current information on christian songs go to Christian Artist Sheet Music as well as Christian Song Search.






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