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Gun locks do not decrease handgun violence

In many communities, gun locks are offered free of charge by law enforcement. Law enforcement personnel are also usually happy to accept firearms from members of the public who no longer wish to own them. So my gun locks are of no immediate danger to anybody. The reality is that if you simply warn parents that gun locks are dangerous because they create a false sense of security, the warnings will be largely ignored as they were two years ago. In fact in 2001 a security alert was published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission on this subject.

In addition, gun locks are costly. The actual expense of installing a lock is not the only "cost.".Possibly even more important is the increased time it takes to get the gun ready to resist a violent criminal. Billed as "the ultimate 3 in 1 lock/tool," the Lock" Loader is definitely a unique product, and is an interesting innovation considering the fact that most gun locks are designed to merely block a gun's trigger. The Lock Loader is not just a lock, by any means. Most gun locks are not foolproof. That's why additional security is strongly advised.


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Gun locks are an especially easy way to help protect your family and neighbors from being the victim of violence. It doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be inconvenient. Gun locks are literally the very least the gun industry could do to protect children from gun violence, and they're not even interested in doing this.


But before the bill ever came up for a vote, most American gun manufacturers volunteered to provide locks with their new products by the end of 1999. This was a definite step in the right direction, but it still leaves a lot of new and used guns without locks. Some gun locks have been found to be easily removed, without tools, including some made by reputable manufacturers. Trigger lock manufacturers warn that the gun to be locked should be unloaded before attaching the lock. Thus, the gun is already just a lump of steel when you put the lock on it.

Will manufacturers meet the proposed laws' requirements if their products carry disclaimers saying that the gun locks may not work? Without such a disclaimer, imagine the lawsuits manufacturers would face for supplying locks that they know would fail to guarantee protection. It turns out that Harmon feared that the giveaway would hurt the viability of his city's pending lawsuit against gun manufacturers. With a 9-volt battery, the Speed Release is good for 1500 cycles or five years, though the manufacturer recommends 800 cycles or one year just to be safe. 






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