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Copier Maintenance - Increase Yours Lifespan

If you want to make sure that your copier remains in good working order for some time to come it is important that you have a good copier maintenance routine in place. When it comes to looking after and maintaining your copier, there are several very simple things that you can do.

In fact by caring for your own office equipment including fax machines, copiers and printers you can end up saving your hundreds of dollars each year. Below we offer some very simple maintenance procedures that you may want to implement when it comes to caring for your office equipment.

1. It is vital that prior to you starting any type of maintenance work on your copier that you read through the manufacturers operators manual thoroughly. If you do not you could actually end up damaging an essential component with in the machine, which could cost you more. You may even find yourself in a situation where you will need to replace the copier completely.

2. When it comes to cleaning your machine it is important that you locate the position of the drum, as you want to avoid touching it. If you do not know where it is a touch it or scratches or knock it you will find that this is an extremely expensive, but essential part of the machine that will have to be replaced.

3. Once you have opened up the copier the first thing you should do is remove any loose toner or dust within its confines. The easiest way of doing this is by using a brush along with a vacuum cleaner. However rather than using a traditional home vacuum cleaner purchase one that has been designed specifically for working within these machines. They cost money but it is a wise investment as it reduces the risk of you causing damage to the machine.

But when you use a vacuum cleaner it is important that you do not place the nozzle too close to the parts inside the copier especially the drum and circuit boards. Just a small amount of static electricity can cause some irreparable damage to these parts and could end up costing you far more because you may need to replace the entire machine.

4. One particular part of your copier which you should ensure is regularly maintained is the charge wire assembly. You will need to remove this from the machine before you clean it and the operator's manual will explain how this can be done. Once the assembly has been removed then all you need to do is clean the wires on it using a Q-tip which has been soaked in Isopropanol. But be gentle as you do this or you could end up breaking the wires and have to replace the whole assembly.

If you are someone who wants to save money as well as extend the life of their copier then it is important that you get a good copier maintenance program set up. As shown above you can carry out some of the more basic maintenance items yourself, or if you do not feel you have the capabilities then pay a technician to do it for you instead.

Above we have provided you with some information on what to do when it comes to copier maintenance. But if you would like to find out more about copiers including renting, leasing and buying copiers then please click on this link






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