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Home theater design and installation Pittsburgh

Home theaters are becoming more and more popular and affordable - especially if you can do-it-yourself. But, did you know that home theaters aren’t limited to the inside of your house anymore? Home theaters are becoming more popular as home electronics, wide screen televisions and projectors become more affordable. Many homes today are built with media rooms and game rooms specifically designed to accommodate pool tables and home theater seating. They are getting more and more sophisticated every day. Between advancements in picture and sound quality, what you can get out of your home theater today is completely different than what was available 10 years ago.

From the simple family room setup to a much more elaborate stadium-seating wonder, today's home theaters aren't just for the wealthy anymore. What makes one home theater stand out from another is much more than just how it's equipped, it's also how it looks.


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It's like using a really hi resolution computer screen to look at a low res image. An announced successor model, the STR-DA5300ES, adds HDMI 1.3 compatibility, high-resolution audio decoders and even more inputs. Most flat panel TV's and projectors can reproduce the superior quality 780p and 1080p resolution formats found in HDTV.

The system managed a respectable frame rate of 112 frames per second in Doom 3 at 1280 by 1024 resolution. Built on Sony?s SXRD? technology, the VPL-VW100 1920 x 1080p projector is built from three micro display panels supporting High Definition 1080p line resolution image. This technology ensures support of HD resolution with a film-like image presented in accurate color rendition and high contrast ratio providing you with that ?at home? theater experience you?ve always desired. Standard DVDs can be upscaled to high definition resolution. The video quality won’t be at the same level as Blu–ray or HD DVD , but it will beat standard definition video.

His Stewart Snowmatte laboratory-grade screen is the biggest I've ever seen in a home, and in the back of the theater, there's a Sony ultra-high-resolution (4,096-by-2,160) SRX-S110 digital projector. I'm looking everywhere, jotting down questions, and Kipnis sounds almost giddy talking about his theater's capabilities.


It was only recently that we tested the H663 home theater PC from Gigabyte and it was one of the best HTPC systems we have ever reviewed which oozed a great detail of style. It provided a great basis for providing all of your lounge room entertainment needs but did lack some features such as HDCP support, which is require for next-generation HD content playback such as HD-DVD and Blu-ray. At each step, there are detailed instructions on your screen telling you exactly what to do now. If you want, you can stop and read a whole tutorial on the underlying theory, but you don’t have to. Fueled by sweeps period mentality, ratings-happy TV news stations with phrases such as "Your TV will be dead in 2009 details at 11" the panic is generally unwarranted. Chances are good that you are already prepared for the big analog to digital conversion happening by February 17, 2009.

If it won a prize, i’m pretty sure the originals are higher detail than this web format. Not saying i would put money on it, but i’m skeptical of anyone who would miss that the screen is friggin enormous.






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