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How do i get urine smell out of carpet

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Tips

Gross, filthy, repulsive. Do these words currently describe your carpeting? Numerous people own carpeting that is dirty both in looks and feel, but are completely oblivious on how to completely clean their carpet without the use of harmful chemicals.

Dry Cleaning your carpeting with a product such as HOST is one of the best ways to effectively clean your carpeting while protecting the environment and your health. I will go through a few questions and answers that commonly arise when talking about dry cleaning carpeting.

First Off, What is HOST Carpet Cleaning Compound? HOST is a non-toxic dry-cleaning extraction carpet cleaner that is capable of effectively cleaning your carpeting while being "Green" at the same time.
What is the harmful substance found in other carpet cleaners which is not found in the HOST carpet cleaning system? Perchloroethylene and chlorinated hydrocarbon are substances that are harmful to your health and found in many carpet cleaners. Although these chemicals will clean your carpet, they will simultaneously harm your health and put you and your family in danger.

What are the dangers of this carpet cleaning system if my pet or child swallows it, will I have to consult a doctor? The HOST carpet cleaning system is non-toxic and therefore not dangerous even if accidentally swallowed. With the HOST carpet-cleaning system, there is no reason to panic if the material is accidentally ingested. Unlike other carpet cleaners, if you accidentally ingestion HOST you do not have to be rushed visit to the doctor. You can rest assured your carpets are NOT cleaned with a cleaner heavily saturated with chemicals and other harmful substances, so you children can roll, crawl and have fun without any need for you to worry.

I heard that the best way to clean my carpet is steaming, is this true? Although steaming is a nontoxic method of cleaning carpets, it uses a tremendous amount of water, if only 10 average homeowners used HOST instead of steam cleaning 500 gallons of water could be saved, a feat that could take away tremendous strain from the environment. Using the HOST carpet cleaning system can also take a tremendous strain off of your on your water bill. HOST carpet cleaning system is made entirely of renewable resources, so you will not be stripping the earth of precious non-renewable resources.

So this product is eco friendly is that its only benefit? No, with the HOST system you will have the ability to use your carpet right after cleaning it, because your carpets will not be wet for a long time like other carpet cleaners. Due to the way the HOST system works you will also experience less mold and mildew in your home because, there will be no moisture in your carpets to assist growth.

Now you are aware of the advantages of using HOST Dry Cleaning as opposed to other carpet cleaners. Hopefully this will help you in your future quests for a cleaner carpet.

Are you interested the host cleaning system? With the host cleaning system you will need to pick up the cleaning solution with a vacuum , for best outcome and for those with allergenic reactions and asthmatic reactions we suggest a Miele Vacuum Cleaner for best results.






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