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How much horsepower 351 windsor

Horsepower is the rate of doing work. Work is moving a weight over a distance. Horsepower is CALCULATED (often by the dynamometer's software). You can tell if your ciphering (or the dyno's software) is correct if torque equals horsepower at 5252 rpm. Horsepower is a term that was invented by James Watt back in the 18th century before cars were around. He came up with this term to measure the amount of energy needed for one horse to haul a load of coal out of a mining pit.

Horsepower is defined as the amount of energy required to lift 550 pounds, one foot, in one second. From this definition you can see that the components of horsepower are force, distance and time. Horsepower is calculated using factors of force, time and distance. The key word here is power. Horsepower is used as a general gauge of car performance. Although using it for such a purpose is not always accurate because of low-end torque and other factors, it is probably the most useful single number to use.

Horsepower is measured by a dynamometer. A dynamometer puts a load on the engine and measures the amount of power the engine produces against the load at various speeds. Horsepower is the maximum amount of power an engine can belt out when everything's going full blast. An engine always produces its maximum horsepower at nearly its maximum operating speed. Horsepower is equal to 33,000 foot-pounds of work per minute. Stated another way, one unit of horsepower is what it takes to lift 33,000 pounds the distance of one foot in one minute.

Horsepower is built on money. How fast do can you really afford to go? Horsepower is just like inches or pounds, an arbitrary unit created from a common reference point that everyone can understand. In today's world of advanced scientific instruments, horsepower hangs on, even though it is a little imprecise.


Torque is used as the guide to horsepower because it is easily quantified. Torque is most simply explained as the measure of force in foot pounds applied to an object. Torque is multiplied through gear ratios, but the higher the gear ratio, the larger the gear and the more space it takes up. Unfortunately, in the real world, there's only so much space for a gear to occupy.






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