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How to Share your Shots

It is easy to save time, money and effort and still share and store your live photos. How can you do this? You can take advantage of one of the BEST photo compression methods currently available on the market. You can quickly and easily combine any number of photos into highly-compressed, easy to send e-mail, or photo albums and rich slideshows that can be viewed on any computer without installing any helper software, including Love2Photo itself!

Now you can feel the admiration from your family and friends when they get these quick-loading albums that they can view and print directly from the Web or local media with just a simple mouse click. And the great thing is they can be on any computer! This process makes it easy for people to concentrate on the beauty of your photographs and not become frustrated in trying to open them.

You can easily protect your albums with a password, extract photo, organize pictures by date and name, add descriptions, and more!

You'll save time sending, copying, backing-up and moving photos thanks to Love2Photo's compression capabilities. And your friends and family will save time downloading your albums or viewing them online.

You can easily avoid the hassle of trying to email huge photo files that often end up exceeding your email provider file size limits. It is time to stop the frustration of not being able to share your best photos with friends and family due to limited message size capabilities.

Love2Photo automatically compresses photos, selecting the best compression routine to fit email size restrictions with simply a click of your mouse.

And believe it or not, Love2Photo helps your computer run faster as well! It's a basic fact that the more files you have in your computer the slower it will run. With thousand of files it is important to run frequent disk checks and defragmentation routines to keep the system working well. With Love2Photo you can compress thousands of image files into compact one-file albums. Your PC will thank you!

You can easily share this software as a gift, motivating friends to send their you photos as well. Simply select the Gift option when you order Love2Photo.

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