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Repairing Your Laptop LCD

If you've ever had a laptop screen crack or stop working, that's one of your greatest fears. At that point, you'll have a decision to make. Is it worth it to repair the laptop or simply replace it.

In the past it was very, very expensive to replace the LCD screen. So much so that it was more cost effective to just go ahead and replace the entire laptop. With the right resources however you can replace a LCD screen cheaply and effectively.

The major cost of a significant amount of laptops is the LCD screen, although that price is rapidly dropping. Replacement screens can cost from between $150 and $325. With only the largest, most extravagant screens costing significantly more.

Your first stop in buying your LCD screen would be to look in places like Ebay or Craigslist. They often have very reasonably priced used screens or parts computers for sale. Next, using google shopping you can search the many stores who offer replacement LCD's.

The LCD itself is only one factor in the overall cost of replacing the screen. You'll have to consider what it takes to replace that screen. I highly recommend NOT doing it yourself. One inadvertent thumb in the wrong place can effectively ruin your laptop.

What you'll find if you use a computer repair technician who has experience in laptop repairs, is that they'll usually be able to complete the repair in an hour or less. Because each model is different, there are tens of thousands of variations of design and implementation, so your mileage may vary.

If you do decide to replace the screen yourself, there are numerous sites that list detailed schematics of how to take apart the screen for each manufacturer and model. A simple google search of laptop repair guides should help.

The replacement costs of the laptop should be considered against the cost of completely replacing the laptop. After all if your computer is more than two years old, most likely you can replace the entire laptop with a newer, faster machine for just a few hundred dollars more than the cost of the repair. If you have any questions about your laptop LCD replacement, feel free to email us.

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