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How to install xm satellite radio receiver in subaru outback

Sirius Satellite Radio

The latest technological boom to hit the radio airwaves is satellite, and a company called Sirius is one of the biggest names in the business.

Offering 65 channels every manner of commercial-free music, all the listener need do is to pick a favorite and never touch the dial again, if desired.

Whether you prefer rock or rap, country or classical, Sirius satellite radio offers the latest music as well as the oldies that never lose their appeal. There is also more than 50 talk radio, news, sports and traffic channels to keep you entertained and informed.

People love Sirius satellite radio because it's commercial free. No more must listeners "channel surf" to get past those annoying commercial breaks. Gone are the days of aggressive and "in your face" advertisers. There are no radio personalities trying to sell you the latest "this" or "that". With Sirius satellite radio, all you get is a continuous supply of your favorite music with crisp digital sound.

If you're interested in Sirius satellite radio, there are many hardware options to meet your individual needs. Sirius makes satellite radio tuners for the home, office and car. Other tuners, like the Plug & Play, can be carried around. This little tuner is the most portable and convenient and can be plugged into a home or car kit, allowing one receiver to work for every application.

Sirius satellite radio also offers the best in home receivers. These hook up directly to an existing home entertainment system. And they aren't just electronically compatible: they have the style and lines to look great next to home theater components, as well. The best models come with internal memory that allows them to keep track of the song and artist of the music being listened to, several preset banks with text input, and optical digital audio output.

Those who love to cruise with the windows down and the stereo turned up high can also enjoy Sirius on the road. A Sirius head units can be matched with your existing antenna and tuner. Another option is to pick up an FM Modulated system that can be used with your existing car stereo system, eliminating the need to purchase a whole new radio.

With a simple antenna, you can pick up the Sirius satellite radio signals. It's important to note, however, your tuner must be made by the same brand as the head unit or FM Modulator system, or it will not be compatible with the satellite radio service.

If you're serious about music, then Sirius satellite radio can be a great choice for you.

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