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How to maintain proper chlorine levels in a pool

The Importance Of Good Swimming Pool Pumps

For individuals that are auspicious sufficient to have a pool, pool maintenance is part of the package. Pool maintenance is extremely important to promote cleanliness and good pool chemistry. But pool maintenance isn't all dreadful. It just takes some attention to detail and some routine care to ensure a understandable, clean pool. Test Pool Water for Sanitizer Level. This is to make sure that pH and alkaline are in good balance.

A pool with an improper balance can affect water clarity, damage pool equipment, cause erosion and even affect pool chemistry. - Add Chlorine or Bromine. This sanitizes your puddle and kills any algae, bacteria, or other source of revenue things in the water. Swimming pool pumps are available in several sizes for your pool and spa. Pool Pumps are the heart of your filtration system. To keep your swimming pool and spa clean all year, click on a pool link above and place your pump order today.

Pool pumps vary in speed. Some are designed to have single speed while some others come with dual speed. Single speed pumps are the most common pool pumps. As you can tell by their name, they operate at a continuous speed. They are required in those pools that have maximum use. Dual speed pool pumps are more suitable in those pools which are not greatly used. During the days of less traffic, the speed of the pool pump can be slowed down and switched to a more efficient speed of filtering water. With a dual speed pool pump, one can save up to 60% on the cost of the energy consumed.

Every swimming pool has a skimmer that is used to bring together dead leaves, branches, insects and other debris from the water surface. A skimmer is a rake that is used to pull out objects from the water, unquestionably you remember the life guard in the summer walking around the pool and fishing out all the dead insects, leaves and such from the swimming pool.

It is also important to monitor and adjust chemical levels as required. If the chemical content is balanced as required, but the water is still unclear, then filtering time should be added in half hour increments until the desired clarity of water is achieved. Reduced filtering time saves money. There are no hard and fast rules for this, and a little trial and error is required to find the lowest required recirculation time.

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