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Originally written as a play and then a novel, P.S. Your Cat Is Dead deals with a hapless actor, "Jimmy Zoole", who is left by his girlfriend on New Year's Eve. Unbeknownst to him, his cat has also died in an animal clinic. He surprises a burglar, Vito (called Eddie in some later productions), in his apartment, who had broken in a few times before, stealing among other things Zoole's precious manuscripts.

Cats had only one function throughout the centuries: vermin control. Only in the last one hundred years has selective breeding caught on -- synonymous with the rise of the cat as a companion.

People should realize that needless litters are of more harm than imagined and see to it that their pets are neutered or spayed. To prevent the birth of thousands of homeless cats which will not be cared for, humane societies and shelters should not be allowed to give out for adoption unspayed females and unneutered male cats. This rule should apply to all people who allow their cats to breed and then give the kittens away to homes where they may soon be abandoned.

Well if theres cat nip in her toys or food that probably explains why she play so much because it makes cat really hyper. St. Bernard's arent usually very active dogs but try taking her to a river thats not very deep and throw a ball around and swim around a little.

Jimmy is still getting over the death of his best friend. His one-man show gets the axe. He's being evicted from his apartment. His girlfriend leaves him for another guy, and his cat dies. He's been burglarized 2--now almost 3 times--this month. Eddie the divorced father turned gay burgler picked the wrong day to mess with Jimmy.

Everybody who loves and understands cats should make it his duty to carry on an educational program of his own, in order to educate others who have not been so fortunate to have the association of a cat companion. Only by living with one, can you learn to know and understand its feline nature.

It is important that a three-legged cat is not allowed to become obese because he has fewer limbs on which to distribute his weight. It is also important that he get exercise, gentle at first to help him adapt to his condition and more active later on to strengthen his remaining limbs. Most 3 legged cats adapt well enough to become as active and energetic as they were before losing the leg - but you can't expect this to happen overnight and it may be painful to watch him adjusting.

Before facing cage after cage of homeless cats, consider your needs and expectations. If you are a novice cat owner, stay away from "excessive" cats -- excessively shy, aggressive or demanding -- for they may provide too great a challenge for your first experience. Your best bet is the friendly, outgoing cat, who nudges an outstretched finger offered through the cage bars and who nuzzles and purrs when you hold him in your arms. This profile is a particularly good choice for families with children younger than seven years of age.

Wildlife also benefit when more cats are safely confined. Free-roaming cats kill millions of wild animals each year because of their instinct to hunt prey, not because of hunger. Most prey are small mammals like field mice and chipmunks, but about 25 percent are birds-many of them song birds visiting neighborhood feeders.

9 Change is on the way for cats and they will be much safer for it. Animal care and control agencies, humane organizations, and concerned cat lovers are becoming more active in reducing the free-roaming cat populations. And local ordinances encouraging pet owners to confine their cats are being enacted. 10
But in veterinary circles, the word "domestic" does not refer to sociability. Neither does "house cat" mean the cat lives in a house. Both terms, used interchangeably, refer to the familiar, bewhiskered creatures that live in cottages, castles, barns and alleyways around the world. 11

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