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Visitor Insurance for Health

Visitor Health insurance or medical insurance is an essential requirement that must be fulfilled before you undertake an international trip. You need to think about your health first, as nowadays travel has become a risky venture.

It is even difficult to predict anything hazardous that might happen just when you step out of the house , surely travel in another city or country is obviously much more risky.

Visitor medical insurance is a short-term health insurance policy that covers you for any illness or accident during travel or during your visit overseas.

Your visit overseas can leave you in a financially catastrophic condition in case of any emergency or an accident if you are not covered.

Traveling with a visitor health insurance is a smart thing to do. Be a knowledgeable traveler so that you can better protect yourself as well as your family by means of proper insurance coverage.

Many of the visitor health insurance plans are made available for individuals and families currently residing in a particular country to seek the benefits of the medical coverage.

Visitors insurance policy can provide a coverage that can be as high as $8 Million. Its other coverage options include reimbursement of all that is spend on dealing with dental work, prescription drugs, vision correction, complications in pregnancy as well as child birth benefits.

If one wants to reside in a particular country for more than a year and would want to avail the same benefits of health protection as the residents of that country, this plan offers the desired benefits.
Green Card, H1, H4, F1 & F2 visa holders as well US residents can qualify for these plans. Eg. various types of policies offered in the USA - Fortis Assurant, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, etc.

Visitor medical insurance plans also include HMO (Health Management Organization) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans. If you have prior creditable coverage, then US visitor insurance plans provide you coverage for the pre-existing conditions. Prior plans can also include individual plan or employers group plan.

The health care facilities in some of the countries in many parts of the world are either poor or non-existent. The advantages of taking up a type of visitors insurance plan are as follows.

* Because you are a client, you can enjoy optimum savings because of such an agreement that is done between insurance company or insurance agency and the extensive network of hospitals and doctors. The fees of doctors are reduced which visitor insurance is then passed on to the insured.

* Individuals also enjoy a tax cut; this is so because the premiums to the agencies are deducted as source to the account of the agency thereby reducing their taxable income.

* The health care subscriber usually finds out that his own primary health care provider is a member of a similar network. There are few disadvantages of taking up visitor insurance:

* Although the visitors insurance subscriber can use the services of the physician of his or her choice, he or she is still liable to pay the larger portion of the bill if the doctor he visits isn't a member of the visitor health insurance plan.

* Insurance companies create inefficiencies in the health care system.

* There is great room for delays and mistakes in health care delivery due to the several steps involved in insurance payment process.

It is always beneficial to purchase a visitor insurance plan overlooking its disadvantages.

C. Ray Sondeo is an expert on visitors medical insurance. Get quotes, read our FAQs, and learn more about health insurance for visitors on our website.






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