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Reasons not to buy an iPhone

True there are lots of flaws and disadvantages I could quite effortlessly list why Shouldn't You Buy An Iphone, which is also true of lots of other electronic gadgets. The Internet is full of articles listing seventy-seven reasons why you should buy an iPhone, and twenty-four Reasons about iPhones and why you shouldn't buy one, however iam only going to draw your attentions iPhone's drawbacks.

Ultimately why you should get an iPhone?

Just look wherever on the internet and you will be reading the sixty-seven reasons not to buy an iPhone or the twenty-four problems with iPhones, all the reasons why you should not buy an iPhone. Of course, an almost vast list can quite easily can be compiled of reasons for not buying an iPhone, as it has a lot of flaws and disadvantages, like any electronic device. I will simply sum up the main drawbacks.

There are no other options offered to you in the United States other then to subscribe to a two year contract and a service plan with AT&T, which also comes with its own price tag. This may not be agreeable to you. If you happen to take the phone outside the United States you may be faced with problems when you have to unlock the iPhone.

You will not be able to view some sites as iPhones do not support flash. Although web-browsing is acceptable using Applel's safari. It only supports safari and if your first choice is another browser you will not be able to use it. Your web browsing can be really slow at times, as the only network supported by an iPhone is a 2.5G EDGE network.

Apple really spoils its image and positions within the entrepreneurial sector, as Apple iPhone doesn't yet totally support any other applications. It may be possible to install some third party applications by hacking you iPhone. But there's a real lack of variety of applications available to the user

Besides all these, the iPhone is a really exciting, useful and trendy gadget, on which you can browse the web in quite a comfortable manner, listen to music, watch videos or movies, get information any time of the day and use it as a phone. Some declare that after owning an iPhone they wouldn't even need a laptop. Which will allow you to comfortably

Even thought officially you are not allowed to install other third party applications on your Apple iPhone by hacking. And you can comfortably connect to other carriers by unblocking the device. It is quite easy to do and it opens your options up from the limited things you can do with the iPhone.

Ultimately, an iPhone looks truly hip and cool, you can show off to your friends who don't owning an iPhone drool over yours for hours on an end. You will access any information you want any time. Moreover, with the expected release of the iPhone 3G, prices are bound to drop even more. Buy an iPhone if you don't come across any key fault with it, as soon as prices drop adequately.

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