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Best Guide to Electric Scooter Parts

When it comes to buying electric scooter parts, a lot of customers buy the wrong parts for the wrong scooter. One major concern when buying scooter parts is to make sure whether the parts are compatible with your scooter brand.

Popular electric scooter parts are:

- Accessories - Batteries - Chains - Chargers - Controllers - Throttles


Scooters have different kinds of accessories. A popular choice for a scooter's bag is a large multi-compartment bag than can be placed onto the rear cargo rack. A good bag would be made of a cloth that is high resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs. Twin Velcro straps should hold the bag securely onto the seat rail or post.

You can also choose a basket to be placed in front. Good baskets would be those that fold out of the way when they're no longer in use. Steel construction is the best with thick enamel finish.

More than an accessory, safety warning bells are also for the motorist's safety. Some bells are made with compasses too. These bells fit all electric scooter and bicycle handlebars. Bells that have a pleasant sound and are audible are advisable.

A self-contained removable power unit, a mounting rack and mounting hardware are some of the items you can find included in a bike motor kit. You can also buy this kit in local motorcycle stores.

Headlights are another important accessory which you can modify. A good headlight would have side light markers that provide additional illumination in the right and left side of the scooter. This is for visibility during nighttime.

In selecting a helmet, make sure that you select one that covers the back of your head to protect it from backward falls. It should have an air-gulping front, top and back holes. There should be a thick shock absorbent lining inside the helmet that can be easily removed and replaced for cleaning purposes. Most importantly, helmets should be certified by the ASTM F1447 helmet standards or any country's helmet standards.

Even though some states don't require scooter drivers to wear helmets, it is still recommended to wear a helmet no matter how short the distance is.

Additional mirrors are also available as extra electric scooter parts. You can choose a round shaped mirror that is made of chrome plated steel, glass and rubber construction. There should be a safety reflector at the back of the mirror.


Batteries can come in a range of varieties. If you know the voltage, dimensions or amp hours, you will be able to choose what battery should you require.


The #25 chain is the most commonly used for electric scooters. This chain has a " spacing between each chain link and is " wide.

Chain Breakers

Chain breakers don't break the chain despite what they're called. Their function is to remove the pins that hold the chain links together. Master links are used to connect chains together in a continuous solid loop.


12-Volts Battery Charger - An "Intellect Charger" works with electric scooters and bikes that have a 12 Volt battery or two 6 Volt batteries.


Chinese-made electric scooters come with speed controllers already. This part helps control the speed of your scooter from full stop to full forward.


For most scooters, the Hall Effect Throttle is the common type used. They work on Chinese-made electric scooters and are sometimes called accelerators, twist bar, speed bar, turn throttle, speed control or derailleur.

Then, there's also the on/off throttle. This is used for medium size electric scooters.

Another type of throttle is the 5k Ohm Throttles for high-end and older model electric scooters.

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