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Laminator Health and Safety

A laminator with cold settings is safer for younger children to use. If you'll allow students to use the laminator, be sure to buy a laminator that's easy to use. A laminator is a useful device when it comes to protecting important documents, cards, photos etc. It seals the document with a sheet of transparent plastic so that the document stays protected. A laminator can help you keep important paper cards from ripping or getting wet. Some like to keep old newspaper clips and school draws or cards from the kids.

A laminator seals a plastic pouch around the original paper or card document.


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Heats up in four minutes, laminates in just over 30 seconds. Unique clam shell design. Heated pressure roller 307 also includes an outer rubber cover 320 as illustrated in Fig. Heat up your enclosure before you put the toner to it. I combine these last two steps by putting the iron on high and placing it right on top of the enclosure for at least 5 minutes or more.

Additionally, the laminators of the prior art are not designed for portability or ease of storage. The feed slots do not include a cover or other structure as part of the housing, thereby leaving the feed slot open to the environment when the laminator is not in use. Additionally, the NiSCA PR5302 offers a "sleep" mode so the unit does not remain at operating temperature while not in use. Additional "pressing" does not cause damage to either substrate. Dry mount presses vary in price from $1,500 to $6,000.

Pouch laminating is probably the most common process for home and office use. This is the easiest and most economical method. Pouch laminators are great. You can set one on your desk and can instantly laminate all sorts of documents, id cards, name badges and signs. Pouch laminating is a simple process. Let the laminator heat up (takes about 5 minutes), place your paper into the pre-made lamination pouch, then into a laminator carrier, and then into the laminator itself.

Pouch laminators are great for ID cards and smaller items while a wide format roll laminator is best for poster size or larger items. How much use will your laminator get? Pouch laminators are commonly seen in schools, homes, churches, restaurants and other businesses for laminating photographs, business cards, photo IDs, menus and more. Several models available at guaranteed low prices.






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