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Lance motor scooters

Scooters for Mobility and Freedom

Electric mobility scooters come in many brands and models and when researching and reading reviews of what is available it can be rather confusing. A mobility scooter can offer you the freedoms you need without having to depend on family. Mobility scooters come in many makes models and brands such as 4 wheel or 3 wheel. Do your reviews and check out your options before you buy.

Most lightweight mobility scooters have a maximum weight of 250lbs. A few lightweight models can be disassembled or folded for easy transport in a vehicle. Most of your high capacity scooters may require a lift. In most cases it may be by insurance but the lift may not. It is best to check with your insurance when deciding on a purchase.

Many lightweight models are of 3 wheel design. These models are usually more maneuverable and are great around the house or in tight areas. 4 wheel models are usually of more rugged design and have a higher capacity and are less prone to tipping. They also are more likely to have a further range but don't forget that range is dependent on several factors. These factors are, weight capacity, battery capacity, age of battery and temperature.

Also consider range and charging if you have a short range you will be spending more time charging. At some point you may need to replace batteries. Over time a rechargeable battery will lose its ability to take a full charge and your range could decrease.

Expect a range on 3 wheel lightweight capacity models of around ten miles. With four wheel models the range can sometimes exceed 25 miles. It depends on the electric mobility scooter you purchase.

When you buy a mobility scooters you will need to decide how and where it will be used. Will you be using it indoors or outdoors? Will you be using it to get around indoors or to get around outdoors such as walking the dog or running errands down to the local grocery store or post office. Will you be carrying extra weigh on the scooter and need extra range? Things you have to ask yourself is how does a scooter make your life easier.

Consider tires or pneumatic tires that may be prone to flats but are lighter and give a better ride due to their ability to absorb shocks. Solid core tires are not prone to flats but give a stiffer ride but also wear much longer. Air filled tires will need to be checked often. Again depending on the use or your scooter such as indoors or out and the surfaces you travel on will determine what tires you travel on.

When you buy a mobility scooter there are many issues to consider and review. It is best to check Medicare or you insurance provider to see if your covered. If you have done your research and reviewed your options you will find that shopping for and electric mobility scooter is not that confusing.

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