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The Woes of a Mac User - Why Can't I Get Satellite TV for PC?

Since the advent of Windows, Mac users have been on the receiving end of fewer games, business applications and software in general than their PC based cousins. This is something Mac users have had to deal with for a long time.

Its not limited to software though. Video cards, sound cards, web cameras, keybords, joysticks, etc etc are all much more varied than on the Mac. Even now that the Mac has the same type of hardware inside and is no longer proprietary, you still find fewer choices that are Mac certified.

Plus, if you want to watch satellite tv on a Mac, you have probably found a ton of sites for satellite tv for PC but not the Mac. Sites that list "Satellite TV for PC" or "Watch TV on PC" are readily available but do not cater to Mac users.

An alternative is now available for the Mac community. There is a different method to gain access to watch TV on Mac and even get music, videos, games and more.

Having a repository of literaly billions of files within these types of systems, they work flawlessly on the Mac. Setting up the system is very simple and quick. You get most of the same advantages that the Satellite TV for PC systems do.

You don't have to worry about paying monthly. These watch tv on the computer systems charge you one time for access and then you don't have to pay anything ever again.

No longer do the Window masses have an edge over their Mac cousins. Now the playing field is being leveled once more with the advent of these systems.

If you're a PC (Windows) users reading this, don't worry. These systems work just as well on a PC for you to be able to watch TV as they do on a Mac.

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