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Low rolling resistance tires for electric cars

For some people, when they hear conversations about the unique radio controlled nitro high power car, they immediately think about memories of great summer afternoons at the race track enjoying the excitement of the event.

Maybe you can even close your eyes and smell the pungent exhaust and hear the din of the screaming crowd cheering. Cheering on their favorite racer as the drivers peel away from the starting line amidst clouds of blue smoke from their tires.

But, if getting on down to the raceway regularly isn't an option for you, then you can get at least some of the same chills and thrills from having your own nitro high power car to race around the neighborhood.

The RC high power car runs on nitro. It does not have to be a dragster style RC car either, because all RC nitro cars use the fuel. Interestingly, the nitro radio controlled cars don't have a way of getting lubrication through the engine like the real cars do, so the nitro fuel for these mini racers have a small amount of castor oil added to the fuel mix to help keep the small engines from becoming overheated and ultimately from being damaged.

One popular version is the RC high power car. They aren't quite the same as the grown up versions though as they don't lubricate the engine in the same way and so need to have some castor oil added to the fuel blend to make sure they don't become overheated and break down.

One of the main advantages of the nitro cars is that they are able to reach and maintain a higher speed for a longer period of time and you can quickly and easily refill a nitro fueled car and get it back on the road immediately. With RC electric cars, you have to recharge the battery before it can run again, or you have to invest in costly additional battery packs.

Nitro cars are fast. Must faster than electric cars and they can maintain their speed for longer. They also only need to be refuelled and they are back on the road. RC electric cars are powered by batteries so unless you are prepared to buy additional battery packs you won't be able to race all day.

Another thing that you will need to take into consideration is the noise factor. A high power car that runs on nitro is quite a noisy little vehicle. That combined with the exhaust issue means they are not designed to be used in enclosed areas.

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