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Simple Belly Dancing Moves

When you break down a belly dance you will find that the moves are really not as complicated as they look. When you take each move separately you will find that you can perform them quite easily. To learn to belly dance properly you can break down the dance and practice the simple moves until you have learned each one completely. Once you are able to put them all together you will have the beginnings of a belly dancing routine.

It will take some time to get the moves worked out. But once you do you will discover that belly dancing is a great deal of fun. Watch yourself in front of a mirror to be sure you have got the moves down. Work through each movement slowly until you have mastered it and are able to do the move faster.

Figure Eights

Figure eights are a simple first step that many beginning belly dancers start off with. Stand with straight posture and your feet together. Be relaxed but not slumped over. Hold your arms away from your body. Imagine a rectangle around your hips.

Bring your right hip to the top right hand side of the rectangle and then bring your hip to the bottom right side of the rectangle. Do the same thing with the left side. And bring your hips back to the center. Imagine that you are moving your hips in the fashion of a figure eight. Keep practicing and you will get better at it in no time.

Working Circles With Your Chest

This is another simple belly dancing move that you can start off with. Stand in the same position as before. Back straight and feet together. Move your entire torso to the right. Practice moving your torso back and forth from the right to the left. The tors should be doing all the work. Imagine that something is pulling your torso from the left to the right.

The next part of the move is the chest lift. Before you move your torso to the left, lift up your chest. Use the muscles of your stomach to move your chest up. The muscles between your shoulders will also be used to lift up your chest. This is one of the more common moves used in belly dancing routines. Keep practicing and before you know it you'll be moving like a pro.

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