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Benefits of Using Water Fuel and Biodiesel as Oppose to Gas

Today's rising gas prices haven't just impacted our ability to drive to and from work economically. Yes, gas prices are over three dollars a gallon these days, but it's not just we as individual drivers who are affected. In fact, rising gas prices have impacted everything from consumer goods prices to food prices, to just about anything we buy. They have significantly impacted our economy in a negative way.

In fact, rising gas prices affect everything about our economy. Food prices, consumer goods just about everything has gone up. It's a sad fact that rising gas prices have negatively impacted the economy as a whole.

However, there may be one "positive" outcome to rising gas prices. Simply, we as consumers had to think about alternative fuels when we have not had to before. Gone are the days when we've simply been able to mindlessly rely on fossil fuels as past generations have done. Previously, we've only given the briefest of nods to renewable energy sources or other alternative energy sources such as biodiesel or water fuel.

Today, we have no choice but to look at these alternative fuel sources. They're within our attention now simply because we must pay attention to them.

Biodiesel fuels and water fuels are both renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources that we can fuel our cars with. These fuels are available now and can positively impact both the environment and our wallets.

Biodiesel fuels use plant sources such as corn to make oil. The oil becomes fuel. Cooking oils that have been discarded by restaurants and other places can also be used to make biodiesel. This is yet another advantage to biodiesel because this can help keep waste out of landfills. These fuels are completely renewable as energy sources and can have a cleaner burn than fossil fuels can. These can make a much better alternative to gasoline or other fossil fuels when we think about fueling our cars.

Water fuel is yet another way to stretch our fossil fuel resources. You need to utilize gas to some extent with water fuel, but this technology will give you much more mileage per gallon of gas than you would have without it.

With water fuel, mileage per gallon of gas roughly doubles versus that of gasoline alone. You install the conversion kit in your car and the electric current from a battery "burns" water so that you are presented with a very efficient fuel source. This technology has been available for quite some time, but it's becoming more popular now because customers need to get more out of each gallon of gas they use.

One caveat to biodiesel is that although it is renewable, it does produce some pollution and has been questioned as a truly advantageous source. In some cases, it's been suggested that more fossil fuels are used during biodiesel production than are actually saved through use of biodiesel instead of gas. Therefore, water as fuel may be the more advantageous source to use.

However, should you not have access to water fuel conversion kits, biodiesel is a fine choice, especially if it can be obtained from used cooking oils, for example. In addition, as technology advances, biodiesel will likely not be produced by utilizing fossil fuels, but by using alternative fuels as well.

Regardless of the concerns such as those addressed above, our indiscriminate reliance on fossil fuels is over. We can no longer treat them as though they are renewable sources available to us in endless supply. It's true that rising gas prices are inconvenient and a hardship, but they also make us pay attention to the fact that we simply must change our behavior.

Water fuels and biodiesel fuels are two fuel sources that can help us both save money and the environment.

If you found this topic helpful and want to learn more, please read about transforming your vehicle to use water fuel or biodiesel. A small investment can save you money and headache in the long run, not to mention the environment. It's the smarter thing to do and easier than you think.






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