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The Possibilities of Automobiles Powered By Air!

A company that I have been following since the late 90's is a company called MDI, now based in Spain the company was founded in France by an inventor called Guy Negre who's background in the Auto Racing industry provided his inspiration.

The product line they have created is a line of Automobiles that run 100% on air! Sounds hard to believe I know but many demonstrations have been held, and video footage abounds. Compared to traditional polluting gasoline cars, the possibility for lessening the environmental footprint from driving a car is astounding.

Some information on the air-powered automobile:

The engineering science that MDI vehicles function on is not new, as a matter of fact it had existed for a number of years. Compressed air engineering permits engines to become both non contaminating and frugal for it's user and the environment. Fully 10 years into R&D, MDI is poised to present its environmentally friendly automobiles to the marketplace.

Unlike electric, hybrid or hydrogen powered vehicles, the AirCar isn't high-priced and doesn't have a limited range as many detractors have claimed. MDI vehicles are quite affordable and feature a level of efficiency that equates favorably with currently available eco-cars. To sum up, the MD AirCars are non-expensive and feature a minimal environmental footprint, and are uncomplicated to get around cities in.

The MDI AirCar operates on a safe fuel source(compressed air) that doesn't pose a fire or explosive hazard, does not emit toxic gases and hydrocarbons, is fun to drive and reliable. They plan to release 2 versions initially, a 6 passenger sedan call the CityCat for $16,000 and a smaller 3 seat commuter-car for around $10,000

The way the AirCar works is that an electric pump forces compressed air into a storage tank, the compressed air is then let out to force the movement of pistons to rotate the drive shaft of the vehicle, similar to a standard gasoline engine process. If driving a top speed, the AirCar has a limited range of about 50 miles, but can be stretched out if driving at a lower rate. They are also working on hybrid models that have an unlimited range like a regular automobile. These models will run on a combination of compressed air and fuels such as bio-fuel, gas or diesel. Somewhat more expensive, but capable of greater speeds and distance. The Air-only models satisfy the needs of most city drivers.

The Minicat and Citycat will both be available with air only engines. They have been designed for city driving conditions where speeds of 50kmh and below are the norm. The MDI cars are positioned perfectly for new laws that will charge a tax on gas-polluting engines that are driven in cities. You can see reference to this in London, where there is already a fee for driving an automobile in the city limits.

All MDI automobiles will have the option of being equipped with a hybrid engine, which has been added so the vehicle can be driven longer distances as well as city driving. When the car is taken out of the city at speeds over 50km/h the engine will switch over to the fuel burning source, but when in a city driving below 50, it will work exclusively on air. The dual source engine will be able to use gasoline, diesel, ethanol or alcohol as it's combustion source.

Both power plants will be available with 2, 4 and 6 cylinders, once the air tanks are discharged the driver will be able to alternate between fuel mode, thanks to the car's on board data processor.

Environmental benefits? On the Air-Only models the only exhaust output through the tailpipe is hot air?

My Green Feat is dedicated to observing Environmental Impact shrinking, and finding methods to improve Environmental Issues This and other unique content global warming articles are available with free reprint rights.






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