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How to Make Marketable Sound Effects

A well planned sound effect library will return profits online when marketed as single downloadable products. Sound effect buyers seem to be moving away from purchasing full libraries of thousands of sounds and are instead buying small batches of audio clips as downloadable products since faster internet speeds now accommodate online purchasing. As a sound designer you may use the pointers that follow to design a well purposed library that will successfully access the downloadable internet stream.

1. A main tenet in building a profitable sound library is to record at least several thousand sound effects. In order to provide enough choices for customers, three thousand total products is a good goal.

2. Create loops that video editors can use to fit to particular time lengths from longer sounds that loop well such as train station ambiances.

3. A wide variety is better than a small variety with tons of repetition so its preferable to have 10 different ambiances of three clips each then one ambiance type of 30 clips.

4. Make various file types of your library for such as 48k 24bit for video editing, 44.1 16bit for flash use, .wav files for PC users and .aiffs for Mac users.

5. Do not be afraid to market your sounds through as many distributors as possible as every website through which you sell will increase your overall sales.

6. You might find that creating your own e-commerce site to sell your sites might well be worth it in the long run. You can promote your e-commerce site by link exchanges, writing articles, and forum participation.
As more and more internet users arrive online, the number of buyers for sound effects will only increase and the above tips are general fool proof guidelines for increasing the attractiveness, and thus the sales, of your library.

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