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Mastrad digital hourglass timer

This Polder Digital Hourglass Kitchen Timer has a wonderful shape and design so that any cook can put it on the kitchen counter when not in use. The timer can be flipped over to change between clock and timer functions. Polder, of course, is famous for making a ton of different great digital timers and thermometers. However, they’ve devolved a bit with this digital timer - if not in function then definitely in form.

You can display the number of hours within the day by quickly pressing and releasing the button. Use it on jars of pasta sauce, salsa, or baby food to ensure freshness, or attach it to an air conditioner to track how long its been since the air filter was last changed. One known timer is a small "hour glass" type of timer which contains a powder in a glass container. The powder runs through a central constriction in the timer under the influence of gravity. The newest sand timer hourglass is a sixty minute ( one hour ) sand timer hourglass in chrome and black. Personalization is available on this item.


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Along with the microphone, hand each question asker a 30 second hourglass to hold up while they’re asking. Sure, if the question is interesting, let them turn it over.


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I merely set the timer for 5 minutes time-out. Each child goes to a different room in the house and they stay away from each other for 5 minutes. This small one-minute sand timer is perfect for all of your competitive game needs! Small enough to go anywhere, it fits easily in your pocket. This new timer replaces boring old sand with falling digital pixels while keeping precise time for a 100 minute countdown or simply flip it over and it becomes a 24 hour clock. It's a neat little kitchen gadget if you're looking for a new timer.


You can set precise timings from 1, 5, or 10 minutes, up to 1 hour, as per your needs. I can picture a family sitting together in the den and playing a game of Taboo or Pictionary and using this cool device to keep time. The Duromatic model (upper left in photo) is marked in minutes to 15 minutes, then in 5 minute increments to 60 minutes. The Durotherm model (lower right in photo) is marked in minutes to 60 minutes.






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