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Mobile Home Renovation Requires Careful Planning

As the mobile home construction standards improved through the years, more mobile home owners have decided to upgrade and renovate. The increasing quality and value of these newer mobile homes makes remodelling a good option, in some cases.

As with any home, mobile or otherwise, years of everyday activity can take a toll on floors, walls and appliances. In addition, a growing family might make it necessary to add room or reorganize the interior space of a mobile home.

As the homeowner reviews just what needs to be renovated and considers what can realistically be changed, there are some differences to consider between a "permanent" home and a "mobile" home. While it may not seem to be a plus, having no structural support beams or walls in the center of the home can actually make renovation go more smoothly. In a traditional home, interior walls can also be support walls. This has to be considered when removing or cutting through a wall to change a home's floor plan.

It may be the case that a wall separating the living room from an end bedroom could be removed, without worrying about losing ceiling support. This could make the living room larger. On the other hand, if there is no end bedroom and the living room is large enough, a "false" wall could be installed to create a small bedroom at one end of the mobile home.

There is something else to consider when making major changes to a mobile home: Unless the home was placed on a basement or concrete foundation, homeowners should be careful not to create openings in the floor or along the walls that could allow cold air in during the winter. These unintended openings can also be an invitation to a prowling cat or small dog that might be seeking a hideaway.

Mobile home residents should also consider that removing a wall, even if it does not support ceiling weight, can expose a weaker section of the floor. This can also be a problem when nails or screws are removed from the floor. Care should be taken to inspect these exposed areas to be certain they support foot traffic. In addition, any exposed holes should be properly filled and finished before installing new flooring. If the removed wall was attached to an outside wall it will also be necessary to refinish the exposed places on that outside wall.

If the renovation plans include adding a porch or small room outside the mobile home, it is best to check with local officials so that the homeowner understands the building regulations and code requirements. Many communities have rules that won't allow a structure to be too close to a property line, for instance. Extending the outside dimensions of any home can be limited by these local rules.

If the plans include putting a porch on the mobile, it may be best to treat the porch as a separate structure that is attached to the outside wall. Some contractors urge homeowners not to try to permanently incorporate the porch into the outside structure of the mobile home. You may also want to use an electric chain saw to clear away any small trees growing close to your mobile home.

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