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15 Mail Order Reports

These Reports are sold as information only. The contents of these reports were correct at time of publication. Purchase of these reports includes full reproduction rights and the right to resell this information in any manner desired. If You come across any information that is out-dated please let me know. I will be happy to send you the next edition free when published.

STOP PAYING REAL ESTATE TAXES FOR FOREVER. No more property tax, no school, sewer or other local civic taxes--avoid ALL these taxes by simply LIVING ON THE WATER in your own boat. The Chinese have been living aboard their boats for many generations so this is nothing new! You can buy a 40 foot houseboat with two 220 HP engines for a little as $11,000 on terms. Get more information by sending a SASE to: H.C WILSON, BOX 177, RIVERSIDE, NJ.08075.

GET AN EXCLUSIVE OFFICE WITH NO RENT. The way you do this is become a "Rental Manager." Many office complexes have vacant spaces because there is no on-the-premises manager to show the space and answer questions. Find out which complexes are having vacancy problems and locate the owner. he will normally be glad to offer you an office if you answer calls, and show off the spaces to prospective clients.
GET $20,000 WORTH OF FREE FURNITURE. You can obtain free furniture and a lot of other merchandise by starting up a "freebie Newspaper." What you do is contact store owners and merchants who normally advertise in regular local papers and offer to run their ads in exchange for free furniture, or other merchandise. True, you will be running their ad free but chances are you wouldn't have to a paid ad for that space either. If you promote this right, you could grow into a large operation and go into PAID circulation before you know it. In the meantime, and for as long as you like, you can continue to receive FREE merchandise in exchange for advertising.

HOW TO BORROW MONEY INTEREST-FREE. There are a number of ways to borrow money interest-free if you take the time to operate the methods. However, one of the simplest ways is to borrow it from a bank which offers "overdraft protection." You've seen these offers by banks which extend to you a loan for the amount you overdraw your checking account. By setting up two or more (and credit limits can go up to $5,000 each) you can write yourself a "loan" from one bank cover the loan with a deposit from another bank where you have overdraft checking, and then repeat the process every day or two covering each withdraw with another deposit, you will not be charged interest since it would take two or three days for the records to catch up--by the time, you've made another deposit which covered the original loan. Operated this way, you can keep the money interest-free for quite some time.

OWN YOUR OWN MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION IN 4 WEEKS. Here again, it is helpful to form your corporation in Delaware. In this state the law allows you to assign any "par-value" to stock as you like--even though there are no assets to back your valuation. Thus, it is possible to assign a par value of $10,00 each to 100 shares of stock and list it in your book as "assets." It's strictly a paper poly but can be used in a number of situations to enhance your image among other prospective business partners. By appearing wealthy, you can swing many deals and make friends with people in higher positions of power. Try it.
GET NEW BUSINESS WHERE YOU VIRTUALLY CAN'T LOSE. The industry that produces more millionaires than any other is in SALES. There is one business where you can't virtually can't lose and it's MAILORDER. A firm called Rexon Inc.,676 Kingsley Ave.,Orange Park, FL.32073 has recently begun offering distributorships and opportunities for its fine line of products. They furnish a beginning supply of material to get you started and, at this writing, guarantee your success by offering TEN TIMES your money back on the beginner's sales kit. Although there is a nominal charge for the kit, they give enough free products to pay back that cost almost overnight. Thus, you can still get in on a profitable business for almost FREE.

HOW TO GET FREE TRAVEL. Still again, its is possible to appoint yourself as President of your non-profit organization and have the organization supply you with "free" vehicle with all expenses. If our organization is a church related corporation, you can tour Europe for free--to visit Church cathedrals as an example. A Church can raise money by "selling" charters, degrees, and other cheap paper for hundreds of dollars. Many non-profit organizations sell "degrees" and diplomas for upwards of $1500 each--and it's all legal.
HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR OWN AD SHEET. Usually ad sheets are started by the publisher cutting ads from other magazines and running his paste-ups with these "freebies". The beginner then mails his ad sheet to those dealers and asks them to re-run their ads with him a "X" number of dollars per column inch. This is a risky beginning because many dealers will not buy additional ad space for one reason or another. DOMAR ENTERPRISES, Box 581, Laurel, MD.20810 has a method for starting ad sheets that is almost 100% risk free. They will send you a full page of all-profit ads (ones that pay 100% commission) and you run these ads over your name in your first edition of your ad sheet. As paid ads come in, you simply replace the 100% ads with the paid ads. Until you get paid ads, you continue making money whether you get paid advertisers or not. Moreover, THIS SAME COMPANY will actually design your master ad FREE if you will run their 3 x 6 ad in your first edition. Thus, you can make money off their ads, and get a professionally designed ad sheet free.

HOW TO RAISE $200,00 IN 24 HOURS. Many people have had opportunities presented to them where a quick cash was necessary. Most people are unable to take advantage of the great opportunities because they lack the cash. A simple procedure is available whereby you can generate cash within 24 hours. The process is easy and quick and requires that your first make the preparation and lay the groundwork for the plan. You can call this plan the banking round robin. Go to ten banks and tell the loan officer at each bank you want to borrow $1000 for 30 days. Upon paying off your loans, wait 30 days and go back to each bank from which you borrowed the original $1000. This time request a larger amount depending on what you think the bank will loan, say $5000. If each bank approves a $5000 loan you will be able to raise $50,000 the second time. Continue this step-by-step process. Each time go to the bank, ask for larger amount and longer pay back period. What you are doing, of course, is establishing a millionaires credit rating by the process of reputation. That is, you always pay back the money when it is due, and by being prompt combined with the number of loans you've made and PAID, you will have established a very powerful credit rating and relationship with the institutions. In about one year after using this process, you should be able to borrow $20,000 from each bank on your signature. Using ten banks in this plan, you will be able to borrow up to $200,000 on your signature in as little as 24 hours.

WIPE OUT DEBTS WITHOUT BANKRUPTCY. In 1988 a federal law was passed known as the Wage Earner Plan. It is administered by the same branch of our courts that handles bankruptcy. You must be wage earner to use this law--that is the primary requirement. The Wage Earner plan does not itself "wipe out" debts, but a little-known proviso of your filling requires your creditors to appear. Statistics indicate that 40% fail to appear in which case, those debts are indeed "wiped out". In some cases 100% of the creditors fail to appear which enables you to wipe out ALL your debts without bankruptcy. If some of the creditors do appear, then the court allows you to spread your payments out over a three year period in smaller amounts you can afford to pay. Once you file, you stop bill collectors, lawsuits, judgements, assignments, seized bank accounts, and other actions against you. An to top it all off, your credit rating is, in many cases, improved because you made a honest effort to work with the lending firms. Additionally, if the seller used deceptive trade practices to induce your purchase, your debt may be wiped out under the provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code. Under the Homestead Act, your residence can be exempted from levy to extent determined by local law. Check at your local courthouse.

ESTABLISH AAA CREDIT IN 30 DAYS. To work this plan you need at least $400 to begin. You should borrow this from your friends if necessary. Then go to the bank of your choice and deposit the $400 into a regular passbook savings account. It will take a few days for the account to be posted and return to the bank to ask for a $400 loan- you offer the passbook as collateral. Since the bank is already holding your $400, there is no way it can lose by lending you another 400 and they won't even make a credit check. Then with your borrowed $400, you go to another bank, open up an savings account, return a few days later, borrow $400 from that bank using your passbook account as collateral. Then repeat the process at a third bank with your borrowed $400 from the bank using your passbook account as collateral. Wait a few days and go to a fourth bank where you open this time a CHECKING account. Wait a few days and make a payment on each of the other three loans. A week later, make payments again on the three loans, and continue paying each week until you have almost paid off the balance. A credit invitation at this point will show you with three active bank loans (which are considered hard to get), a checking account, and paying history for the three bank loans--with you having paid up in advance. Thus, you have a AAA credit in a little as 30 days. From here you go on to apply for credit cards, and other items on credit.

GET ANY CREDIT CARD YOU WANT. You should have no problem getting any credit card you want if you follow the above procedure first. But, there are a few rules to follow to insure you have no difficulties in obtaining your cards: 1) Apply for department store cards first. Purchase something and pay the balance when due; 2) apply for a gasoline credit cards listing your department store cards as references; 3) Apply for bank cards--Master Charge and Visa; 4) Apply for Travel and Entertainment cards--American Express, Diners Club, etc.

HOW TO BUY HOMES AND LAND FOR A FEW DOLLARS. Yes, you can buy homes, apartments and land for next to nothing by using the procedure of bidding at "tax delinquency and lien sales." These are made to recover unpaid taxes on property which is auctioned off 3 to 4 times each year. Check your local tax assessor for dates. In the past people have picked up $50,000 homes for as little as $2,000 and apartments and land for similar discounts.

HOW TO STOP PAYING PROPERTY TAXES ON YOUR HOME. The way to do this is to sign over the title of your home to your non-profit organization. You can form your own church or organization and apply for tax-exempt status at your county courthouse. Or, you can sign over the title of your home to your local church or other non-profit organization if you do not will it to go to your heirs. Under this arrangement, you retain lifetime habitation rights although the property belongs to the local non-profit organization. HOW TO GET YOUR 3X6 CIRCULARS TYPESET FREE. The plan is so simple you'll wonder why you never thought of it yourself. But once you give it a try, you will thank us a thousand times for revealing it to you. There are literally hundreds of mail order publications that will print your add by the "letterpress" method. This means they actually set it up in type. This is the only method that an ad or circular can be done properly and with good taste (commercial art excepted, of course). First, pick out a good publication and determine the words per inch policy. If your offer has nay merit at all, your ad in either MAIL SALE ADVERTISER OR MAIL ORDER DISCOUNTER will sell for many times over the price of the ad. This means your ad is run free. And, after your ad is published in the magazine, you merely clip it out, mail it to your printer, and presto--you have your ad or 3 x 6 circular typeset FREE-- plus you have made a good profit.

Kim and Charles Petty,experts in Real Estate Market. For FREE Special Report and CD and to schedule strategy session on how you can make Six or Seven Figures A Year Buying and Selling Propertiesacross the USA & abroad go to VirtualRealEstateInvestingPRofits or call 1-800-311-9228






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