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Finding Short Term Health Insurance

The day comes when you lose your job and, at the same time, you also lose your health insurance plan. Luckily, short term health insurance is one thing which can keep you going until you are able to [get|secure|find a new job. A short term health insurance policy will cover your health care needs from the time you lose your job until you become eligible for benefits from your new employer.

But just where should you begin to look for a temporary health insurance policy? Just like many people nowadays, your first stop will possibly be one of the online search engines and these will provide you with a laundry list of directories. These directories each give you a list of companies that offer short term health insurance and even some that will tell you precisely what it is. Knowing precisely what short term health insurance is and, more importantly, what it is not will help you in shopping for the right policy and stop you from getting scammed.

First, every state has its own brand of short term health insurance policy to help you in holding onto the health insurance from your previous employer. In Minnesota it is called a Cobra Plan and will provide you with cover until you have a new position. Incidentally, state law also states that your employer must notify you of your eligibility for Cobra coverage.

Commercial short term medical insurance plans generally run from one to twelve months, though many providers restrict their plans to six months, and will provide most of the same benefits which are provided on their long term plans. The greatest difference that you will see is that the contract is not renewable and if you want to hang on to your coverage you will need to take out a further new policy. Bear in mind that this type of policy is intended only for short term use and not for long term use.

A few things which will most likely not be covered are preventative care and wellness checks and short term medical plans will also not normally provide cover for dental or optical care. They are also often quite strict on denying coverage for pre existing conditions. You can get coverage extended to your your dependents. You will find also that most plans will be priced from about $25 to $100 a month.

Bearing this in mind, you can begin to trawl through your search results and examine the lists of companies to discover one which meets your requirements.

Yet another excellent place to turn for cover is to your current home or car insurer as it is likely that they will also carry a health insurance policy which you can get. And, if you are purchasing the policy through your own insurer, there could well be an additional discount available for having more than one policy with them.

Lastly, remember that your local phone book might also list several places for you to purchase short term health insurance cover in your area.

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