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A Merchant Account Member loves Free SelfBank Mobile Banking

Welcome to my A Merchant Account Member Free SelfBank Mobile Banking Testimony blog article. This is a personal testimony of the the Selfbank Mobile Business opportunity.

I signed up with Selfbank Mobile a few weeks ago. It is free to sign up. I really liked that part. Don't we all like free! I got a cool sign on name which is at the back of the professional Selfbank Mobile afffiliate website given to all Selfbank Mobile account holders. This is completely free. I could not believe all the bonuses and cash opportunities that the selfbank mobile business opportunity offers.

They have different account programs. All are very good opportunities for the internet marketers novice or expert. My mom is a complete novice. She signed up for the free selfbank mobile business as a free user and she got sign ups under her right away.

The more I looked at the business opportunity on their website I realized that Merchant Account has the most potential as far as earnings, pay, and long term financial security. I immediately signed up as a Merchant Account Member. The bonuses and cash awards is substantially higher than the free user account members.

Here is the best part about being a Merchant Account Member. If you get five people to sign up under you as a Merchant Account Member your monthly fee is completely dropped. I have almost 100 people under my downline and my Merchant downline Team is growing rapidly. they pay two levels deep too! I'll let you guys research the opportunity yourself at the SelfBank Mobile Business Opportunity Website.

I hope you enjoyed my Selfbank Mobile blog article. Please visit the SelfBank Mobile Website and sign up.






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