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Right now, video surveillance is invaluable in a crime's post-mortem but could it one day actually prevent a crime? Researchers across the country are working on new "smart" technologies: software which promises to detect and track suspicious behaviour - in real time. Video surveillance is more prevalent in Europe than it is in the United States. Evidence from Europe, however, suggests that the benefits of CCTV are significantly overstated. Multicast for streaming data has become increasingly important because IP video surveillance is increasingly desired. A new GarrettCom technology enables multiple streams of data to be efficiently managed using only Layer 2 Ethernet switches.

IBM Digital Video Surveillance is a scalable solution, providing you with flexibility to leverage a wide variety of add-on components. From wireless devices to advanced image processing devices, IBM's standards-based architecture allows you to pursue new, digital-based technologies as your security requirements evolve. CCTV/Video surveillance is the fundamental building block of any good security system. Digital video can help provide you with a level of organizational awareness and control that was previously unimaginable. In this view, continuous video surveillance is analogous to a mechanical police officer. It does not intrude upon an individual's sphere of privacy, but rather records events occurring in public space for which individuals do not have reasonable expectations of privacy.


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The world of video surveillance is changing so rapidly that the user and the traditional supplier are both in a state of frenzy. It is within this transformation that the role of IT is becoming increasingly critical. Public video surveillance is not likely to disappear, but it is worthwhile to examine what sorts of limits can be placed on such systems to minimize their invasiveness. The opportunity for semiconductors in video surveillance is driven by both top-line unit growth in the surveillance market, as well as an on-going shift to digital and networked video surveillance. The trend toward IP-based video surveillance equipment ushers in an innovation and technology race that favors sustained semiconductor value.

Federal courts have held almost unanimously that silent video surveillance is not prohibited by Title I of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986. Video surveillance is but a tool, and we have to ask whether this tool is the right one to keep us safe and protect our freedom. Will you still feel safe after a crime has been committed while the camera was looking the other way ? In practice covert video surveillance is usually undertaken on babies, who spend much of their time anyway in bed. With appropriate technology, including wide angle cameras, considerable “freedom to roam” can be allowed.

With the cost of employing security personnel increasing, video surveillance is becoming an ever more vital tool in maintaining security of business premises and people or material within them. Video surveillance is also an important tool for intruder detection and identification of unauthorized activities by employees, contractors and visitors. Before video surveillance is introduced at a new site, a report must be provided to the Superintendent of Schools describing the circumstances that indicate the necessity of having surveillance at that site, including a discussion of less invasive alternatives. The periods of surveillance of public areas should be minimized. One reason why the use of video surveillance is becoming so prevalent is because cameras are shrinking, thus making it easier to conceal the equipment. Video surveillance cameras can be so small that they can be hidden almost anywhere in the workplace and even worn on clothing.

Video surveillance is one of the most resource-demanding CV applications that has wide-spread application. We analyze an entire pipeline of a video surveillance system to obtain computation and bandwidth characteristics. Video surveillance is growing in importance as organizations seek to protect physical and capital assets. At the same time, the need to monitor more people, places, and things coupled with a desire to extract more useful information from video data is driving new demands for scalability, capabilities, and capacity. To this end, I examine prominent representations of video surveillance in film, television, news broadcasts and press coverage, and tackle the social relations and cultural practices video surveillance is embedded in. In doing so, I identify the political and ideological implications of these representations, and their role in developing ways of understanding video surveillance in public consciousness.

With sophisticated image zooming, frame by frame playback, and a configurable screen layout, Blackboard Video Surveillance is an easy-to-use solution that meets the growing need among college administrators to secure their campus environment. Our mass notification and video surveillance solutions take advantage of recent advances in technology. One of the big problems with video surveillance is the tendency of police officers and security guards to single out particular people to monitor. It is hardly surprising that the mentality leading to racial profiling in traffic stops has found similar expression in police officers focusing their cameras on people of color. Remote video surveillance is a category all in itself.






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