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Direct Sales versus Multilevel Marketng

Multilevel marketing is dying and from the ashes Direct sales is rising fast.

This is a unique, legitimate business model that is attracking individuals from all walks of life. People are attracted to it because many find themselves generating a full time income within the first few months.

The quick rise in income is due to the fact you generate commissions in 100's and 1000's of dollars instead on dollars and cents. There is no pushing all types of products, but just relaying a message to those like minded individuals looking for a way to increase their income. Real entreprenuers see the value and see how quickly they can change their lives.

Unlike multilevel marketing (MLM) this is a business model anyone can succeed in. It takes no particular sales skills just the ability to market the internet.

Most have not seen a marketing system that takes the brand new marketer and gives them the ability to market from day one. How? well they can rely on sales professionals with years of experience to call their prospects and close the deals for them. Plus they will have guidance coming in from all directions.

There are people who will lead those new to the industry. The main responsibility for the newbie is to take simple direction, and apply what they learn. It really is that simple. It takes a little time, but persistence is all it takes.

Thats why people who have failed in MLM and other such programs are now finding success in the direct sales industry.

One thing to always remember is that this does take work. If you think you can just sit back and relax and make a six figure income it is not going to happen. Be very weary of anyone who makes it sound like a get rich quick plan. Trust me there is no such thing unless you play the lottery.

Be sure that the person you chose to be your sponsor is knowledgable and truly has a desire to not only succeed themselves, but to help you , especially in the beginning. Because there is a learning curve but you will be self reliant before you know it.

Always Remember This......

An army of lambs led by a tiger will defeat an army of tigers led by a lamb!!

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