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Depending on the style of room a plasma TV is being put into, this highly reflective front may not always work to the buyers liking. A quality plasma TV is not cheap, however. Units start at $2,000 USD and can be as high as $15,000 USD or more. If a plasma TV isn't clearly labeled regarding HDTV compatibility, check its pixel count. EDTV resolution for widescreen plasma models is "852 x 480" (852 pixels across by 480 pixels high).

A plasma TV is better for TVs that have a larger picture and better contrast than LCD TVs. There is also better color accuracy and better tracking motion with plasma TV's. If you are looking for a TV with excellent picture quality that comes with state of the art technology, then a Pioneer Plasma TV is for you.


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Plasma displays are commonly confused with LCDs , another lightweight flatscreen display but with very different technology. We will explain what Plasma, LCD, or HDTV will work best for you, and why. If you already have a TV, we will try to provide you the necessary equipment to use it overseas. Although my initial price factor dictated that I buy a 30"+ LCD system I was luckily persuaded to the decision to upgrade to a Plasma TV. Out of the box the visual quality in my pitch black basement was the best image I have ever seen - and I did enter many Home Theatre store demo rooms in my search.

DIVX and LG have launched the DivX certified Time Machine TV Series both in Plasma and LCD versions, that includes three LCD models, the 47LB5RE, 42LB5RT, 37LB4RT and two plasma models, the 50PB4RT and 42PB4RT. These TVs deliver remarkable image and audio quality for digital content using much less bandwidth than regular analog devices. The quicker an LCD television?s response time, the less likelihood there is for ghosting or after images appearing when displaying fast-paced images (games and movies). We recommend 8ms or better for high-performance gaming and multimedia applications. Now that you have read about the main differences between plasma and LCD TVs you may have decided which one is right for you. They both have stunning, clear pictures and most models offer amazing widescreen viewing - so you can't go far wrong with either!

LCD displays consume about half the power that plasma displays consume. The reason: Plasmas use a lot of electricity to light each and every pixel you see on a screen - even the dark ones. Our guess is that Sharp is going to be the first to market with the new line of super-thin LCD panels that fans such as myself have been dreaming about for some time. In large sizes, they are often less expensive than LCDs and produce a slightly better picture quality. They support HDTV and have a life span of up to 60,000 hours, which is about ten years with an average of over eight hours a day before you lose picture quality.

Those who want a smaller set are generally limited to LCD TVs, but the 32-inch Vizio VP322 is plasma, and it costs less. No one will confuse picture quality with that of a Pioneer or Panasonic, but it is not bad in its own right, especially for the money. Stands and has always been a great source for Chief mounts and LCD stands to display your video equipment. Although we are home to a great selection of Peerless TV mount solutions, our wood TV stands and glass TV stands can be used in the home or office. LCD panels need the back light to create an image because Liquid Crystals can't create light. However, plasmas don't have a back light because the process of charging a sub-pixel creates light.

Both LCD TVs and plasma TVs are thin and wall mountable, but the plasma screens are a touch better for viewing from all angles. Plasmas have deeper black levels than do the LCD tvs which is a key factor in getting the best picture quality from your television set. In fact because of the reflection on Plasma TV?s LCD Televisions actually do better with a lot of ambient light especially if it?s directly on the TV. Second space is an issue. Click on the Wall Brackets section above to see our full range of Plasma and LCD wall brackets. We stock all types of wall brackets from flat flush mount designs to tilting wall brackets and why not look at our range of swing arm wall brackets that allows you to pull your LCD or Plasma TV from the wall.

Most promising with laser HDTV sets, (and unlike their LCD and plasma counterparts), laser HDTVs offer manufacturers "economic scalability"--easy adoption of larger, thinner display panels. As electronic giants continue to push the envelope, laser technology shows signs of helping the HDTV market adapt in all of the right directions. Among other differences, an LCD screen uses backlighting for its illumination; plasma displays are self-lit, which produces a far brighter picture. Nor should the "flat panel TV's" you may see in stores be confused with a plasma display. LCDs are cooler and lighter and generally overall more energy efficient. And image is generally probably a litle bit brighter.

Well an LCD uses less energy than a Plasma and last longer, therefore it is more friendly to the environment. Anyway the amount of gas they used to make sick 46" LCD hanging off my wall is probably hardly nothing. In addition, if you want 1080p resolution, LCD is less expensive and more available at present than plasma. Like LCD monitors , these plasma displays were just monitors that display a standard video signal. To watch television on them, you had to hook them up to a separate unit that has its own television tuner, such as a VCR .

The high-performance LC-52D62U is made in Sharp's state-of-the-art 8th-generation factory, which produces large LCD screens with extraordinary precision. This TV combines full 1080p picture resolution with impressive contrast and black levels and the industry's quickest response time. LCD televisions don't suffer from glare the way CRTs do, but the colors aren't as vibrant. DLP TV is a new technology which looks best with very large screen sizes. Authorized Products, Exceptional service, outstanding prices and fast delivery make us a supplier of choice for plasma Televisions or LCD displays. Not only do we offer a large selection of Plasma/ LCD Televisions, we offer excellent customer assistance as well as a toll free number to assist you during your product purchase.

Along with these connectivity options this LCD TV comes with SD Card Slot which allows photo viewing on large screen. In addition to the TFT and LCD plasma TV wall brackets we offer a range of TV and AV stands. These television stands are offered with clear or smoked glass. The installers can do simple installations that include connecting your Plasma or LCD, assembling its stand, and neatly routing exposed wires to the back of the television. More complex installations like wall mounts, hiding exposed wires and cables inside a masonry wall, and connecting your TV with an existing home theater or audio system can also be done .

Whether used as an entertainment center replacement or addition, our lcd tv frames and plasma frames when combined with a TV mirror glass make your television mirror . For a flat panel tv frame discover how our AcoustiMat conceals built-in speakers .






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