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Oem cummins turbochargers

Turbochargers are able to provide with an additional 6 to 8 psi, which basically translates into a boost of power of up to 40 percent. Turbochargers are the most usual means of forced aspiration used on motor vehicles. They work as follows: a turbine wheel uses the energy in the exhaust to drive a compressor wheel on the same shaft, (but in the intake air flow). Turbochargers are a type of forced induction system . They compress the air flowing into the engine (see How Car Engines Work for a description of airflow in a normal engine).

Turbochargers are a key component on all engines and directly influence emissions, power output, fuel consumption, O&O costs and reliability. Caterpillar purchases over $400M of turbochargers each year from 5 Global suppliers. Turbochargers are usually exhaust gas driven compressors that work by increasing the mass of oxygen that can enter the internal combustion engine. The added oxygen will often create an increase in engine power. Turbochargers are often installed in high performance or custom racing cars because of the added power and speed that they can offer.

Turbonetics Patented Ceramic Ball Bearing turbo provides both fast spool-up for quick acceleration and increased airflow efficiency to help keep EGTs down. Low exhaust gas temperatures (EGT's) are extremely important when towing and when the Turbonetics turbo upgrade is combined with the Spearco Intercooler upgrade you have a win-win combination of more power and increased efficiency. Turbo Exchange and Performance offers a complete line of high quality remanufactured and factory new superchargers, turbochargers and turbo kits. We provide a large selection of supercharger, turbocharger kits, and products to meet your application needs from automotive, to heavy duty and marine turbochargers. Turbochargers boost horsepower because they pump quantities of air (oxygen) and fuel into the engine. With the cool temp of nitrous-oxide and the properties of it – oxygen and nitrogen, being pressure fed into the compressed air, and in do so allows the fuel system to increase fuel delivery.!

Turbo lag can be reduced by a properly tuned wastegate, higher quality bearings, lighter ceramic turbine, or by reducing the surface area of the turbine’s rotating blades. Note : The directly-driven compressor in a supercharger does NOT suffer from lag. Turbochargers do not like backpressure. The area where wastegated gas is merged with spent turbine gasses is a critical area which will determine how the entire hotside of the system will flow. Turbochargers fitted to some vehicles have the need to be insulated with a heat-shield lagging to protect under-hood components from the extreme temperature generated.

Turbo-diesels in Europe are wonderful, responsive, and very powerful; plenty of low-end torque and you can still achieve 45 miles-to-the gallon in a midsize sedan. Turbochargers are a type of forced induction system . They compress the air flowing into the engine. Turbo lag is caused by the turbo having to spool up after vent ing out all it's compressed air when the throttle plate closes (ie: when you take your foot off the gas pedal to shift , etc). This is done to keep the back pressure from destroy ing your compressor blades , and the blow off valve makes a very nice sound in the process.

Turbonetics Turbochargers are available to ship to you immediately so you can get your vehicle in shape right away! If you're looking for a place that can give you the lowest price on Turbonetics Turbochargers, Street Racing Parts is the surest way to get it. Turbochargers can make a vital contribution to meeting these requirements through overall size and weight reduction, part count reduction, bearing configuration, reduced inertia, and improved aerodynamic performance.






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