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Beginner Piano With a Good Book

For a beginner piano student scales are fine but you will soon get tired and loose interest. You need some good piano books and a varied assortment. If you focus on scales alone you will never branch out and enjoy what learning piano is all about.

Use songs that you like and you will keep playing fun and interesting, and that is the most important thing that there is, hands down, to make you into a really bang up musician.

There are so many good piano books out there for piano learning regardless of your preferences. You can find books from jazz to classical and everywhere in the middle. Staying interested is important.

Personally, I like to mix it up quite a bit. I buy piano books for all of the great classical pieces, and then learn to play the music, but sometimes I want a change. It is good to be able to play the songs that your friends want to hear. I mean, why be an entertainer if you can not entertain? So, I make sure to buy piano books covering all of the most popular songs so that I can take requests whenever I happen to be entertaining.

Don't shy away from music that you don't like. You need a wide variety of a styles and genre to be able to please the crowd. Who knows, maybe you will get to like Mamma's Little Baby Love Shorten Bread! I even own piano books filled with songs that I don't even much care for.

When you have studied enough books about piano and looked at enough songs you will begin to get that you don't even need sheet music to play. You develop an eye to go with your ear. You will hear something on the radio and be able to plunk it out before you know it. The ah-ah moment will eventually come for your as it did for me.

The music will just come to you. You can hear a song once, and can sort of feel the shape of it in your head. Oh, if you want to play it note for note exactly as it has been arranged originally, you will still probably need the piano books, but if you simply want to be able to come up with a version of it that sounds good whenever the occasion calls for it, you will probably need nothing but your own wits, and your nimble little fingers. Then you can put all of your piano books on the curb.

So don't give up. Dedicate yourself to learning to play piano. It will be well worth it.

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