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This Truck Can Race For Sure

Who said a truck can't race? We are not looking for a drag race challenge here; were simply presenting to you a fact. Chevrolet's American Revolution once again shook the truck market when it released in 2001 the amazing Avalanche - a four-door pickup with a room wide enough for six passengers.

The Avalanche, a series of General Motor's "true" trucks, got released as the 2002 model of the GMT800 platform, .

The Avalanche is a fabulous truck, offers the comfort of sports utility vehicles or SUVsAnd and also has plenty of passenger space featured inside. Fans whose "need for speed" had not been satisfied until now can brace themselves to meet the future breed of trucks called SUTs or 'sports utility trucks.' The SUTs will be conquering the underground race tracks without you noticing it.

The Avalanche is based on the Chevy Suburban model which is a full-size SUV with a long-wheelbase. That is why the Avalanche is listed in the Chevrolet website as an SUV, not a pickup truck. It was used as the base-model for the later model Cadillac Escalade EXT, Chevy's entry to the popular SUV market.

The Avalanche features a "Midgate System". This allows the open pickup bed to be extended in the back seat area. The rear wall of the cabin could be folded down and the rear window removed, so there is room for more cargo. There are three removable panels and this is used to seal the cargo bed, which is guaranteed watertight.

When the midgate is folded, it has space for two full-size sleeping bags to be laid down. When the back cargo area is watertight sealed, the occupants are well protected enough to enjoy their sleep in the outdoors. General Motors offered the Avalanche truck to adventure enthusiasts, as an optional four wheel drive variant that is available.

Something in this truck must make you a proud owner. Show them your true-blue color by attaching the very important key to a Chevy Avalanche Keychain. This gem-like blue ornament is framed in a masterfully crafted rectangular Chrome plate. The Chevy logo proudly sits atop a sporty blue script with faint gold outline bearing the model name "Avalanche."

Most are priced low and more affordable than it looked like. Who knows? This wonderful trinket may be your pass to the exciting world of automobiles.

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