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Polaris microfilm

Periodical collection microfilms are surveyed washed and its surface is coated with chemical solution. Temperature and relative humidity of 22 stacks in main building and deposit building are regularly checked and harmful gas is filtered by the air filter system. Three silver halide 35mm microfilms are made for every title microfilmed: the 1st generation film (the camera negative, also known as the master negative ) is bar coded and stored at SRLF. The 2nd generation negative film (the duplicate negative, also known as the print master ) is stored at NRLF. Where microfilms are not available, manuscripts and rare books are scanned.

All other birth index microfilms are in the carousel. The resulting loss in picture quality can be tolerated only when no more than two successive microfilms are involved. However, if more than two microfilms are stacked in the light beam, then the picture quality of those microfilms further positioned than two-fold the distance from the projection objective suffers to such a degree that it has been considered impractical to use a microfilm reader with more than two microfilms following each other.


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Copies of the films were given to Guildhall Library and many of these microfilms are available without appointment in the Manuscripts Section's reading room on a self-service basis. It is possible to obtain copies of these films on loan through a Mormon Family History Centre. Several of the microfilms are not identified. Macdonald papers are related to the magazine. O Briain?s, but it is only now that the microfilms are being reopened.

Microfilms are for in-library use only; microfilm readers/printers are usually available at the local libraries. These microfilms are available in Special Collections and via interlibrary loan. For current users of microfilms, who are often no longer allowed to consult the originals, and who therefore demand a good surrogate, high-quality microfilms are essential. Future users of microfilms, who need to be able to read these documents in years to come, also need films of high quality.

Most of our library's microfilms are located on the 2nd Floor in the Information LINC area. Some local interest microfilms are located on the 4th floor in the History Department. Not all of the microfilms are indexed and they are set up by date. It is very important that the date is supplied as well as other supporting information on our form. Please note that the majority of the microfilms are copies of handwritten, historical records in a variety of foreign languages. The records include copies of government birth and death records, church registers, census schedules, military files, and immigration lists.

These microfilms are available through InterLibrary Loan but the reel number must be specified. Occasionally the reel numbers are out of sequence because the folders were out of order when they were filmed. With such an arrangement the microfilms are not accessible as the envelopes cannot be removed from the sleeve without parting the two halves from each other. In order to make the envelopes accessible for an authorized person the halves can be locked together so that a key is necessary for parting them in order to remove one of theenvelopes for the removing or changing of the microfilm. Microfilms are available, except where coloured coats-of-arms need to be identified.

Positive copies of microfilms are most commonly used in libraries. Libraries have the positive copies for their members to use, while the master negative is retained by the publication owner, or in the case of most of our publishing clients, we keep the negative for future use. Sets of the microfilms are lodged in each of the Bureau?s member libraries and copies of most of them are available for purchase. Microfilms are furnished for use by the Newspaper Reading Room's customers for a period of one week; unfilmed periodicals are delivered to the Fabiania building's Fennica Reading Room. The loan period can be extended if requested.

For Rogaland emigrants, see large red volumes with copies of parish "udflyttede" lists All the NAHA microfilms are located in the Rolvaag Library. Microfilms are located on the first floor of the Library, in the "glass room" located between the lending services desk and the downstairs reference desk. Staff at the downstairs reference desk can help you find film and load it on the microfilm reader-printer. The microfilms are not yet catalogued, but a handlist of their contents is available from this website.

By the way, all our census microfilms are new . Occasionally, a competitor will try and match our low prices by dumping their old rental films onto the market. The microfilms are divided into two distinct groups. The first consists of 119 rolls of film, 112 of which Lane and his wife Harriet shot during February-August 1939. The Swedish-American and -Canadian newspaper microfilms are also available via interlibrary loan. Please see our online listing for specific titles, or if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the listing, go to our publications page.

Most of our microfilms are city and county newspapers filmed so that we could preserve on film valuable information for historians and genealogist. However some microfilms include materials that were loaned to the archives. Thinner microfilms are especially vulnerable to dimensional artifacts either during the peeling and drying steps of the casting process or during subsequent handling of the microfilm. In addition, many cast microfilms may naturally become distorted over time due to the effects of moisture. In order to achieve this goal, we have set up guidelines for preservation microfilming, and we ensure that the preservation microfilms are produced according to these guidelines. Later on, I will tell you more about these guidelines.

Microfilms are produced to Mellon standards and the master films will serve as preservation surrogates for the original documents. To ensure the greatest level of access to the documents, the microfilms will be digitised and it is our aim to make the digital records available on the web. Microfilms are also made available to other libraries by way of an interlibrary loan system. There are 70 workplaces in the reading room, some of them equipped with microfilm readers and reader printers, as well as PCs. The microfilms are ordered at the request of the customer by the institute in which the material will be examined. The contents of microfilms can only be copied on agreement.

Microfilms are miniature films used for photographing objects and documents. The images on these films cannot be seen without an optical aid, either in the form of a magnifying glass or a projector. All microfilms are in 35mm format. Copies of the Dorot Jewish Division microfilms are available to other libraries, making these resources more widely accessible.






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