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Your Choices in Home Security Systems

Where there is opportunity, there is crime. In this case, I am talking about the prospects of burglary in your home. The common methodology for dealing with this risk these days is to use a home security system.
A home security system is a strong step towards protecting your home from criminals. That being said, it is not an excuse to drop your guard. Failing to arm the system or leaving windows or doors open is an invitation for bad results.

Home security is like a car. You have lots of choices. You can buy a little Toyota that will run forever, but is pretty basic, or you can buy a Ferrari. As with a car, the choice really boils down to what you want to spend.

The first system is one most are familiar with. It is a dog. A dog with some size is a great deterrent. It will bark at strangers and is very protective. Make sure to post dog warning signs to alert everyone to your security system.

When is an alarm system not an alarm system, but still effective? When it consists of fake components. You can buy fake cameras and post them in easy to see locations around your home. Criminals will think they are real and avoid the home.

Our next rung up on the security system ladder is the unmonitored system. This has alarms set on all entry points to the home including windows. If these alarms are tripped, a very loud noise results. This tends to send thieves running.

As you might guess, the monitored security system is the next evolution of the security system. This system makes noise and notifies a security company if it is tripped. The security company will then call you and confirm whether there is a problem. If so, they call the police.

Monitored systems are not cheap. They also have a weakness. They only work if the phone call gets through. A criminal that really wants in can just cut the phone lines. Is it going to happen often? Nope, but you need to be aware of the risk.

From this point, the various security systems available start getting pretty exotic. You can get infrared, pressurized, panic button and all manner of fascinating and expensive systems. Generally, they are overkill unless you have a specific situation that calls for them.

Ultimately, only you can decide which system is going to be appropriate for your situation. At a minimum, making sure you have something that makes noise when a person enters the home is advisable.

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