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Power Up with Xbox 360 Power Supply

Most gamers probably never think about how much power video consoles eat up, but on average, some systems use more than any other items in the living room. The Xbox 360 more than twice that of the original Xbox and other consoles available. The Xbox 360 power supply is huge, and is the source of many jokes. The Xbox 360 power supply is so large in fact that many gamers have multiple adapters to leave at different houses However, with so much power in such a condensed space, it is no wonder that the Xbox 360 has power based problems.

Troubleshooting the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360, a new age video game console, has already had many complaints. These include problems that range from hardware failures to overheating. A lot of these however, lead back to the power supply. To be blunt, the Xbox 360 power supply overheats a lot, especially in cabinets or on carpets. With such a large frame and current, the adapter needs to breathe; it needs fresh air in order to cool down. Some gamers even hang their AC adapters, exposing them to more air. As crazy as this is, many players say that the system no longer freeze every 20 minutes; instead, they can play happily for hours without any overheating.

Many companies have sought to introduce an Xbox 360 power supply less prone to overheating. Similar to PCs with built-in fans, these supplies have proven even less reliable than the official Microsoft versions.

Many enterprizing companies have introduced an improved Xbox 360 power supply less prone to overheating. Using PC equipment as a guide, many of these items come with built-in fans. However, many of these supplies have proven even less reliable than the real Microsoft versions. Microsoft claims they are developing a better, more reliable Xbox 360 power supply. Many gamers have taken the problem into their own hands, especially when they are required to purchase power supply's . By modifying existing PC power units they have constructed, supplies that appear to work better than the original version. It is risky, in modifying the Xbox 360, including the loss of the warranty, but many players refuse to suffer interrupted game play anymore. lets you all you need to know before you purchase the Xbox including Xbox 360 Power Supply Problems.

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