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Note the geometrical particularity of the control of the center squares : Nf6 and Bb7 control the white squares, e5 takes control of the dark ones, limiting severely both knights. For this reason, 13.Qd4 might be better than 13.Rc1} 14. Note that in the time period from 1980 to 1995 this index fell from about 130 to 65, a halving. Stated another way, the price of money was cut in half or dropped by 50 percent. Note that from 1980 to 1995, this index increased from 75 to 150, a doubling. Using the CPI as a measure, it can be argued that prices doubled over this 15 year period.

Secure means without fear, not afraid to express ideas, not afraid to ask questions. Fear takes on many faces. Security is defined in s\~ 761A of the Act. It was common ground that the relevant part of the definition of security is "a debenture of a body".

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Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include delivery charges unless stated as a separate item. Prices generated by an auto Configurator software or CGI Internet based pricing system are indicative only based on information provided by the customer or by assumptions if full details are not available. The Company reserves the right to amend quotations and pricing of its goods and or services.

Designer routines can hitherto only decorate the bathroom, but irrespective extend benefit. Denner (and prior to the exercise or conversion of any options, warrants or other convertible securities of the Company by any other holder thereof), Mr. Denner would beneficially own under applicable securities law 40.26% of the deemed outstanding shares of the Company .






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