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Trucking Industry Information

The trucking industry is responsible for transportation of raw materials and finished products. It is an important and essential branch of any economy. Their job is transportation and distribution of industrial goods as well as commercial goods. The goods are transported with the help of commercial motor vehicles and trucks like box trucks and dump trucks are used.

Operators of these vehicles are called truckers. In order to be eligible for this career, one must be at least 21 years of age in order to be permitted to drive commercially from state to state. Also, the Department of Transportation mandates that drivers pass a physical test, as well as a drug and alcohol test.

Also, a truck driver must pass a written exam and driving test to receive a commercial license necessary to bring trucks across state borders. These tests prove that the driver can follow traffic signs, make entries in the Department of Transportation reports, and understand the rules pertaining to the safety and regulations of interstate commercial trucking.

The Department of Transportation regulates the amount of time drivers are allowed to operate their vehicles per day with rules known as ahours of servicea. This was devised in the interest of keeping drivers rested and avoiding accidents. Operators of commercial vehicles may drive for 11 hours, after which they are required to rest for ten hours. All drivers are to keep a log of their activity each day, broken down into 15 minute segments.

Salaries for commercial vehicle operators vary. Different companies offer different starting salaries, sometimes considering driving record, other experience, and endorsements. A beginner can expect to make around $30,000 a year. After only two years experience, the average salary is in the $50,000 to $60,000 range. Some companies offer bonuses for long haul trips or good records. Others offer full benefits like health insurance and paid vacations.

Right now this industry is in great need of new drivers. Companies have branched out in their search, and have begun recruiting new groups of people: women, retired military personnel, and those in search of a second career. They are using new ideas and techniques to attract new drivers. One can find many job listings on the web.

One new incentive many companies are offering is company! Many drivers are now allowed to bring a spouse or pet with them on the job. Pairings often found now are middle aged husbands and wives. Driving together breaks the monotony of the long job, and neither has to be apart from home for long. This has benefited both the employers and employees.

Commercial driving is essential to our countryas economy. If the driver shortage or anything else begins to restrict the amount of commercial trips taken, we will see the repercussions quickly at our pharmacies, grocery stores, fuel pumps, banks, as well as suffer from lack of fuel deliveries, and waste and garbage removal.

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