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Replacement speakers for panasonic sound surround system

Surround sound is working beautifuly in the X and Z plane. This is where you get surround sound as we know it today. A major element in surround sound is the dispersion pattern of speakers involved. If speakers are highly directional, the surround sound will be most effective at a spot equidistant from them; if the speakers disperse sound more broadly, the choice listening area is increased.

Over the coming months, we will take a look at what surround sound is all about, where it came from, where it is going and, most importantly of all, why it is relevant to you! We will work through some of the theoretical aspects of producing and presenting sound in surround, and look at how the professionals are handling the format, both in studios and in mastering environments. Even at the TV set level, surround sound is one of those features, like high-definition, that you don't know what you're missing out on until you see the potential. Likewise, consumers who are used to accepting shoddy audio quality as a natural byproduct of mobility may raise their expectations when they see the possibilities of surround-sound audio quality. Surround sound is a great way to get into a movie or TV broadcast. Surround sound envelopes you to feel part of a movie instead of just a viewer.


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This confuses the consumer's understanding of what real multichannel surround sound is and can achieve. Too many think they already have it or have heard it on multiple speakers, but sadly, they haven't heard the real thing. Surround sound is created several ways. The first, and simplest, method is using a surround sound recording microphone technique and / or mixing-in surround sound for playback on an audio system using speakers ? This form of surround sound is sometimes known as 5.1 channel surround.

That means most surround sound is artificial!


In a field of tinny-sounding lifestyle speakers, the Zvox 315 had the overwhelming advantages of substantial size and clever engineering. The 315 put Zvox on the map, but its imposing girth made it a tough sell for a lot of folks. An innovative surround panner dynamically represents how sound is panned in the surround field as you make adjustments, greatly simplifying the task of creating immersive sound mixes. Ear phones are perfect for creating a virtual sound field using the York-Sydney team?s method. Realism is only one benefit; the ability to place virtual sounds anywhere around the head has applications in computer games and for producing earcons (the acoustic equivalent of icons on a visual display).

The new piece reveals the depth of field that was missing since that first studio performance. The flatness of stereo became fullness in surround sound. The surround speakers face upward to generate a diffuse sound field in order to prevent sharp imaging of side and rear sounds. This is not a system for home theater, where sound effects are panned into side and rear channels.






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