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Rolled and pleated upholstery material


Leather is the longest lasting and most durable upholstery material you can find a perfect fit for any room of your home or office. It is the strongest upholstery material known to man and will withstand the rigors of daily life, including children and pets. Although the initial investment of quality leather may be more than fabric upholstery, leather is actually your best value in the long run

All leather must be tanned before it is appropriate for use as upholstery leather. Depending on the end use, tanning may enhance strength, softness, sturdiness or resistance to wear. That means your piece of leather upholstery is tanned to last inside and out. Because leather is a remarkable, natural material, each hide will have unique individuality. Several hides are used to upholster each item, so variations in dye, grain, and ordinary markings can be expected.

Leather is one of the most durable upholstery materials, proper care is vital to maintain its appearance and performance Unprotected leathers will absorb spills and stains; they will develop a patina over time as they absorb hair and body oils and soil. Protected leathers will resist spills; blot them quickly to prevent stains.

Fully clean leather upholstery every three months or as needed using Leather Cleaner, You can, however, protect the fabric from stains and spots, which will also lengthen the life of the fabric. Name brand products such as Scotch guard and Teflon are topical applications and give protection for anywhere from 6 to 12 months

Car leather requires occasional and simple care. Use a cloth soaked in a mild soap/water solution or clear warm water to remove dust and dirt. Dirt is abrasive and under extreme circumstances it can cause the damage of the protective coating. Then lightly polish using a dry, soft cloth.

Leather will last a generation if given the care it deserves. Upholstery leather is made from the full hide of a cow. It is usually sold by the full hide which is a whole hide. The typical hide ranges in size from in the order of 45-56 square feet

Upholstery leather is generally tanned in two types. Furniture upholstery leather is softer in tanning, and this leather may also be used for handbags, chaps, jackets, pouches and other accessories in addition to furniture.

Upholstery leather is also tanned for automotive use. This leather is of medium temper, and it may be used for chaps, saddle seats, handbags and other upholstery uses. Automotive upholstery usually has protective finishes, and this makes the leather very stain and puncture resistant. Upholstery leather is quality leather with many uses, and it will outlast many fabric materials on the market.

Leather expert and Knowledgeable Ethan O. Tanner shares his understanding of the characteristics pertaining to Upholstery Leather the many triats ofleatherand leather products care.






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