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Rutherford county tennessee foreclosures

How Does a Foreclosure Work?

The real estate market crisis has caused homeowners fall behind on their mortgage payments. If this is you, you may want to prepare yourself for what will come. This article will cover what you need to know about this process.

If a person who owns a house does not pay his or her house note the first time, the mortgage company likely won't foreclose on the person's house just yet. Letters telling that person about it can include the extra charges applied for not paying on time, and these are are mailed out for a minimum of 3 months, in a non-belligerent manner.

Be aware that not all lenders operate in the same manner. Some are more lenient with homeowners, but others are quick to jump to the foreclosure proceedings. Given that the market is in a dire condition, it may take some time before they get around to you. That being said, it is very rare that one is allowed to go six months of not paying a mortgage payment before the foreclosure process is started.

How does a foreclosure work? The process is not definitive from one place to the next. Instead, it differs between states and municipalities. Regardless of location however, the foreclosure process usually begins with the Notice of Default, moves on to the Notice of Foreclosure, and finally results in the Notice of Trustee's Sale.

The real estate investor and local newspapers usually print three notices, starting with the Notice of Default. That will almost always tip off the real estate investors and start a flood of calls where they offer you much less money for it than your home is actually worth. If you do have some equity in your home (but not too much) then this option may be just what you need to save your credit record and start a new life fresh.

Prior to the Trustee's sale, homeowners are given one last chance to pay off the mortgage and save their home. That being said most homeowners cannot pay back the mortgage loan and their home sadly winds up at auction. Real estate investors or people searching for a deal on a home are typically the ones that purchase foreclosed homes. These homes are sometimes in bad need of repair, but they sell at prices that are below the market value at such a margin that they can make this money back in a resell.

Homeowners who have defaulted into foreclosure are evicted following the auctioning of their home. In some instances, depending on the location, the mortgage lender can bill the defaulted homeowner for the difference if the defaulted balance exceeds the final auction price of the home.

A deficiency judgment can be imposed causing the homeowner to be evicted and thus owing many thousands of dollars in repairs! This sad but common situation in turn causes the homeowner to owe a huge debt, despite losing their home completely to foreclosure.

Foreclosure is an extremely serious problem right now in the United States and is clearly at an all-time high. Not only can it wreck your wallet, but it will most certainly ruin your credit record, making it impossible for you to get financially back on your feet at all for the entire next decade.

If you or someone you know is involved with a foreclosure, you would be well advised to learn specifically how does a foreclosure work in your city and state at the Foreclosures Help website.






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