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Satellite and phone and Thailand

Satellite phones have a number of advantages over other types of telecommunication systems. They will work almost anywhere in the world, and since they are not dependent upon a cell tower all that is required is signal access to the satellite. They helped in demonstrating how our client's customers could enjoy uninterrupted calling access and enhanced clarity of sound from any location on the Earth; a feature which was only made possible through the overlapping system coverage our client offered. If you already have a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) international cell phone, you can swap your existing SIM card with a SIM card for the country you will visit. However, your GSM cell phone must be un locked in order to use another type of CIM card.

TracPhone 252 allows you to simultaneously connect your telephone/PABX system, fax machine, and computer, giving you the versatility of a total communications center. And with Inmarsat mini-M's near-global satellite coverage, you are assured trouble-free reception of high-quality telephone service. The system comes complete with a compact handset for voice calls, an Iridium transceiver module, and hands-free interface.


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According to a press release of 4 September 1997, TRW has filed with the FCC for a high-frequency data system - four GEO satellites and five MEO satellites, apparently, due to start in 2005. This looks like a response to Hughes' Expressway filing, requesting similarly high frequencies at WRC '97 - but TRW didn't get sufficient funding to build Odyssey . It utilises bent pipe technology and uses system intelligence which is resident in the gateway not the satellite allowing for easy system upgrade. Globalstar Australia is not a Global system, however it is the only fully integrated satellite and cellular service that operates Australia wide. Ever wonder why these satellite dish systems are in such great demand?

The Iridium mobile satellite service is the only truly global system, offering complete coverage at affordable rates. The amount of bandwidth available on these systems is substantially higher than that of LEO systems, all three active systems provide portable satellite internet using laptop-sized terminals with speeds ranging from 60?kbits to 512?kbits. If you are calling from a cell or wired phone to a satellite phone, the system works in reverse. Or think of a satellite phone calling another satellite phone.

The system has been designed in such a fashion that the phones are able to switch effortlessly between cellular networks and the satellite phone network. Globalstar and Inmarsat offer high speed data and fax transfer features in addition to voice capabilities.






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