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Solo air boats

Boating is a popular past time of TVA reservoirs, and encourages the public to practice water safety procedures. Significant water use hazards exist above and below TVA dams where waters often rush over spillways and through gates, lock culverts, and turbines. Boating is affordable and accessible. You'll find that because there's such a wide range of sizes and styles there is a boat for every budget. Boating is a highly regulated recreational activity, and there may be occasions when a law enforcement officer will inspect your boat for compliance with equipment and legal conformity. The boat operator has the responsibility of ensuring the safety of all passengers and this includes making certain all required safety equipment is onboard the boat and ready to use.

Boating is also a pastime that brings with it certain responsibilities. With the introduction of the Species at Risk Act (SARA), it?s likely that some of these responsibilities will evolve. Boating is recognised as an important leisure activity in the Country Park, and since early 2003, has been positively promoted as an attraction. The Canal Ranger Service maintains the canal and is the boaters' point of contact for information about facilities and cruising permits. Boating is one of the most popular activities on the lake and throughout the Adirondacks. With so many miles of water, crowded conditions are rare.

Boating is packed with advice, guidance and expertise to make boating more fun, more safe and more affordable. Every magnificent full-color issue of Boating brings you reviews of new boats, travel and vacation guides, profiles of top boaters and instructional pieces designed to improve your boating techniques.


Marinas, if not sited and constructed properly can destroy wetlands and aquatic habitat such as shellfishing beds and submerged aquatic vegetation, and can also restrict or alter water flows. Improper siting and construction can also lead to decreased dissolved oxygen levels and increases in pollutant concentrations. Marine VHF radio is generally the most effective and reliable means of issuing a distress alert. If you have a VHF radio keep it tuned to channel 16. Marinews is dedicated to the art of knot tying. Fishing knots or rope knots, Andy's World of Knots provides a comprehensive collection of both.


Boater?s hypnosis, or boater?s fatigue, is caused by exposure to noise, vibration, sun, glare, wind and motion experienced on the water. It can cause a person?s reaction time to slow down -- almost as much as if they were legally drunk. Boaters should obtain the Lake George navigation rules and buoys plus the hydrographic map available at marinas on the lake.






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