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Tortola Yacht Charters, Sailing in Paradise

The presence of almost constant trade winds in Tortola, the warm temperature of the seas, the idyllic coastline with its pristine white sand beaches, fringed by swaying palm trees - all these aspects combine to produce perfect yachting waters. With upwards of 50 bays and cays and anchorages to select from, it is little wonder that the British Virgin Islands are amongst the Caribbean's most popular sailing areas.

Novice sailors enjoy the security of knowing that they are very rarely out of sight of land while sailing in the British virgin Islands. There's nearly always an island a short distance away with a great place to anchor. Perhaps the only time you would be out of sight of land altogether might be if you decided to sail north to Anegada -the drowned island - a truly captivating island, of coral reef beginnings, which is 10 miles long, 2 miles wide but only 28 feet high! Otherwise, you can pick your destinations by looking towards the horizon and deciding which British Virgin Island paradise to explore by yacht next.

Selecting a yacht for your vacation will be full of options. Obviously, the larger the boat you select, the larger the staterooms that will be available to you, with catamarans usually providing the most spacious accommodations. As you might expect, the variety of yachts available for you to charter is considerable - monohulls or catamarans, sailboats or motor charters. You will be able to find something to suit every budget and need.

Your first decision, of course, is whether to choose a crewed charter or go 'bareboat'. If you choose the latter, then imagine the ultimate sailing experience, with complete freedom and independence. Around the BVI you will be able to safely enjoy line of sight sailing with a reliable breeze and perfect visibility, and few open water hazards.

The charter companies based in Tortola will normally require some evidence that the skipper of the vessel has had previous experience - certificates are not mandatory but are, on the other hand, very useful - and, as a general rule, will require there to be at least one other competent crew member.

Some yacht charter companies offer a 'captain only' service. Some crewed charters offer both a captain and a cook, so that no-one on the journey needs to worry about cooking or cleaning. It's also possible to charter a fully-crewed boat, some of which even have members of the crew who are qualified scuba diving teachers - certified to at least the level of Dive Master.

Come and discover exactly why Tortola has become one of the world's favorite sailing and yacht charter hot spots. Chartering a great yacht is the ultimate luxury of the sea; your own private cruise, with nothing to do except relax and watch the Caribbean flow by. Whatever your charter requirements, there will be companies in Tortola who will not only meet your expectations but far exceed them.

Barry Monteiro has spent over 35 traveling in the Caribbean. Exploring Tortola and yachting in the BVI's are some of his favorite activities. He enjoys writing about his favorite subjects Tortola Beaches and Tortola Yacht Charters






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