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South Carolina Breathalyzers

Breathalyzers are for informational purposes only. We do not recommend driving after consuming ANY amount of alcohol. Breathalyzers are part of modern culture. We read about their use in newspaper articles and magazine accounts of drunk driving arrests; we see them being used in movies. The second concern I have is that programs like breathalyzers are costly (you do realize they must be sanitized and re-calibrated every student) so you got lines waiting to pass go. Yep just like the cost of maintaining this equipment and servicing it (an average police uses maybe 3x/night a school would have to scan 58/event) and given most copiers in schools don’t work how long is state funding going to provide a ready money source for breathalyzers in all schools in their district?

Breathalyzers are not completely accurate, and can only provide an estimate. This is because it cannot tell a person's level of intoxication. And I think that breathalyzers are a good idea. As long as they work. That's not saying pocket breathalyzers aren't useful - just take them with a grain of salt. Our old rule of thumb - use a pocket breathalyzer before getting behind the wheel.


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Sure breathalyzers are in order and might help in keeping order. Does somebody drive the “drunk” home and screen the parents? Handheld breathalyzers are less accurate, and while they are not considered legal evidence of intoxication, they can be used by police to determine probable cause to obtain a BAC that is considered legal evidence in a court of law. Breathalyzers are, as scientists say, non-specific ? that is, they are not capable of detecting and measuring a specific compound. More important for government work, they are relatively cheap.

The breathalyzers are ideal for testing outdoors, at home, office or schools. The oral saliva alcohol tests are simple and easy to use. Breathalyzers are basically computers with blow holes, and the source code is what makes them run. That source code is what sends people to jail. Also, breathalyzers are fairly complex devices that will generally need more maintenance and calibration than other devices, while not really accurately reflecting how incapacitated the person actually is.

Although the means of determining is indirect, breathalyzers are accurate in measuring blood alcohol content. For example, in-car breathalyzers are a good idea that doesn't always work to keep drunk drivers off the road. But if your in-car breathalyzer would automatically put your car into robotic mode, with no option for a manual override until your blood-alcohol level decreased, we'd be making some serious progress. The use of breathalyzers are not restricted to the roads and are also used in relation to workplace safety and as a standard test performed in Emergency rooms for suspected alcohol related sickness.

You can't punish someone for a crime like this before they even get a chance to go to court, especially when breathalyzers are notoriously inaccurate. If you want people guilty of DUI/DWI to lose their lisence more quickly, the legal process needs to be sped up if anything. Breathalyzers are machines used by police to estimate the blood alcohol content (BAC) of people suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol . These breath tests do not measure the blood alcohol content directly, however, and instead they infer alcohol content from people who blow into the machines. Personal breathalyzers are up for sale. Amy LeJune didn't feel tipsy when she blew into a personal breathalyzer.

You write that breathalyzers are "ineffective in curbing student consumption of alcohol.".- That is not exactly the purpose of the breathalyzers, as I see it. The breathalyzers are to prevent students from attending dances under the influence of alcohol. Breathalyzers are not precise tools. Their readings can be affected by temperature and can be misleading due to the individual's breathing pattern or even due to the volume of red blood cells. To save lives and decrease alcohol related-fatal crashes, Lifeloc Technologies? fast and accurate Fuel Cell Based Breathalyzers are used by many law enforcement agencies on the roads and at sobriety checkpoints. These prevention methods are known to significantly decrease the amount of fatal crashes involving alcohol.

Since Breathalyzers are prone to be inaccurate and are often used incorrectly or improperly, it is important to consult a criminal defense attorney if you are arrested for DUI. If you are arrested for DUI, you face criminal charges in most states.






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