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Tapestry for dorm room

The Timeless Appeal of European Tapestries for Home Decor

In medieval times tapestries were the preserve of the aristocracy and wealthy merchant classes, used as a means to display personal wealth and signify the important social standing of the owner. With the advent of mechanisation the cost of creating and owning tapestries has come within reach of everyone, to the extent that there are a plethora of uses within the home. These include bedding items, table dressings, soft furnishings and personal accessories.

This continuing process of development in tapestries and evolution is quite beneficial for this type of art, as it becomes readily available and accessible to more and more people from all walks of life. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the original form and purpose for which they were made still remains the most popular reason why people continue to buy and patronize these works of art, even after all these centuries.

Tapestries are an ideal tonic for a bland room brightening up the largest of spaces with their colour and textural warmth, this may be one of the reasons that the popularity of tapestries has endured through many centuries. In many ways unique to tapestries is their tradition of telling a story, this is an added dimension to artwork and can go some way to explaining the atmosphere a large tapestry can evoke.

When designing a room it is important to have a feel or aim in mind of the finished space, to this end tapestries provide great flexibility. In a smaller space a light coloured tapestry depicting an outdoor scene can add a feeling of space. In larger rooms a tapestry rich in color that tells a story can draw the viewer into it making the overall space seem warmer and more welcoming.

Landscape tapestries are one of the most popular forms of decorative wall decor available in the market these days. Like other kinds of wall decorations, this particular type has the ability to transform an otherwise drab room into something more vibrant. Unlike other types, however, only the landscape variety can transport you to many different places that you may or may not have been to. These kinds of artworks have also been known to impart a certain sense of serenity, peacefulness and calm.

A landscape tapestry has a distinctive characteristic about it that captures the attention of people. This can be attributed to certain factors, such as the texture and the depth of the artwork, and the subject matter. In contrast to other works of art like paintings or pictures, which are strictly two dimensional, these decorative wall hangings possess a certain texture and depth that gives the artwork a three-dimensional view, making the subject matter appear more tangible and more real. This depth and texture is made possible because of the way by which the tapestry is woven. A special weaving technique that is unique to the art alone is employed to create these brilliant works of art.

Tapestries as with many forms of art are used to display popular scenes including landscapes, panoramas, historical sites, rural scenes and famous works of art. Tapestries remain ever popular attractions at museums the world over drawing in many millions of visitors each year. It is this huge appeal that has led many people to display tapestries in their own homes to enhance their environment, provide stimulation and create a talking point.

There are many reasons to opt for a tapestry depicting a landscape scene, the primary one being the evocative subject matter as discussed previously. A tapestry is a great way of creating perspective within a room, creating a specific mood and generally enhancing the living space. In many ways a tapestry is more flamboyant than a comparative work of art such as a painting or print. With modern machine weaving methods tapestries are available in a vast array of sizes, materials, colors and designs so finding something that matches your taste and budget should not be a problem. There are many designs available that depict instantly recognisable scenes and works of art, these are generally cheaper than bespoke designs without losing any of the appeal.

If you have a huge room and want to make it a bit cozier, you can still make use of a tapestry. Choose those with designs such as cityscapes and medieval scenes in order to make the room appear smaller that it actually is. There are so many different ways by which you can use and enjoy these wall tapestries in your home decor, and they are definitely here to stay.

The tapestry has a popular future when the desire of homeowners to own unique works of art and tapestries are truly no exception. Show off the best in fine woven goods with classic wall decor.






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