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Veterinarian recommended puppy food

Puppy Food Equals Dog Food?

For the first 15 months of their lives, puppies grow at an extremely fast rate. It is basically for this reason that they must have good nutrition. This is achieved by consuming high quality dog foods, and is vital if they want grow into healthy adults without any major illness or disease.

For instance, puppies need much more protein than their adult counterparts. This is because as puppies, they are still experiencing growth of their joints, bones, and muscles. In addition, puppies need more energy than adult dogs. So you can see why they need dog foods that can provide them with good nutrition and high calorie.

If you go and shop for puppy foods, you will notice that there are quite a number of them to choose from. The different types of puppy foods exist because different breeds of puppies require different diets. Take the little breed puppies for instance. Their metabolism level is high and therefore need dog foods that are calorie-rich. Bigger dog breeds, on the hand, do not require their diets to be as calorie-rich as these little breeds.

You should follow the suggestions given by your veterinarian or the label written on the dog food when you feed your dog.

Usually, puppies are fed three times per day, dropping to two daily feedings after the pup is four months of age.

Failure to give your puppy the appropriate puppy food at the appropriate time can damage his health. If your puppy gets tired easily and does not seem to have any energy, check the puppy food he is eating. If he catches diarrhea, verify how many feedings would be best for him.

By giving your puppy the proper dog food, he will be healthy. When he is healthy, he is going to be playful too. When you see that he is healthy and playful, you as a puppy owner will no doubt be very happy as well.

How you feed your dog will ultimately depend on his breed type and his size. Make sure you consult with your veterinarian for a great feeding program. If you have a particular dog food for your puppy, remember to always read the label for feeding directions.

Finally, you must review if your feeding program brings good results for your puppy. If the results are poor or not what you expect them to be, you could start a new feeding campaign or you could discuss with your veterinarian and see if he has a better feeding program. Since your puppy is still at his tender years, it is the best time to begin a good feeding program for him so that he grows into a healthy adult dog.

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