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Digital Video Recorder With DVD Player For Home Theaters

One piece of equipment that no home theater should be without is a digital video recorder with DVD player. It is available under several brand names and some cable companies also will rent you one. A digital video recorder is a device which delivers an amazing audio sound and high quality video viewing, for the cinematic connoisseur. If you choose a DVR from your cable company they will give you the recorder enclosed inside your cable box. This will help you in saving space in the design of your home theater system.

Using a built in USB and Ethernet port, a digital video recorder connects easily to your existing home theater system. Weighing a mere 15 pounds or so, a DVR records video in digital format to a hard disk drive. Depending on which model you use it can record as much as 300 hours of television entertainment. DVRs can also record two digital channels simultaneously while you're enjoying another show. The front panel shows you what's being recorded while it's happening even with the power to your television set turned off.

The digital video recorder with DVD player retains all the sharpness and detail of the original programming allowing you to enjoy your preferred shows and movies using your home theater system any time you want. It will be as if the shows were actually on the air. If you have two favorite shows that broadcast at the same time, your DVR will record them both and save them for you. You can go out to dinner knowing you have the choice to watch either or both whenever you want. You can even set the DVR just once to record entire episodes of shows. Imagine how much more you'll get out of your home theater system when you can record shows without the hassle of purchasing blank recording media!

If you get really into it, you can even use your digital recorder and your home theater system to control live TV just like a video. You can use the 'rewind' and 'fast forward' functions to manipulate television just like a DVD.

A number of new televisions being sold have a built in digital video recorder with DVD player . If you're searching for a new set to supplement your home entertainment system, this might be a good option. A digital video recorder can save you time and optimize your television viewing.

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