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Vintage jbl le25 tweeter

The MB Quart tweeters are among the best on the market. For mounting tweeters without a threaded hole on the bottom, a mounting plate can be easily made out of 1/8" fiberboard. And really quite a downer when the tweeters are removed. It's not a shock, more a 'flattening' of the sound. These tweeters are in the back pillars of my 03' Sierra. I have a pair of Kenwood Exceleon 1" Tweeters in my front doors and these JL Tweeters outperform them in every aspect.

My tweeters are the Rainbow Platinum silk domes midbass/midrange are the Excel 21w002ex. I used to have Focal Utopia 8w5451s and Illusion ND8's but changed to Excels for better midrange, but I lost a bit of midbass compared to the Illusions. Nearly all tweeters are rated to 'system power', and this will usually be quoted relative to a specific crossover frequency. An hypothetical tweeter may be rated at 100W system power when crossed over at 3,000Hz.


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In some embodiments, the first and second tweeters are angularly adjustable. The tweeters can be angularly adjustable from about 0-50 degrees. At the top of my short list of awful super tweeters are horn-loaded inexpensive piezoelectrics. A popular modification to the vintage Dahlquist DQ-10 loudspeakers was to disconnect the piezo tweeters and breath a sigh of relief. At the top of my short list of awful super tweeters are horn-loaded inexpensive piezoelectrics. A popular modification to the vintage Dahlquist DQ-10 loudspeakers was to disconnect the piezo tweeters and breath a sigh of relief.

And because of that, car tweeters are typically made to have better off-axis response since you're likely not going to be sitting in front of them. Car audio tweeters are a pretty mixed bag. Virtually every type and quality level exists; cheap paper cones, mylar semi-domes, standard domes made from every material imaginable, ribbons, piezo, even tweeters that only look like tweeters but are actually just domes glued to a piece of plastic to make a 2-way coax look like a 3-way. The old tweeters are glued in with a three prong plastic cover. Work some of the plastic off and use real small screws to put back together.

Therefore, tweeters are evaluated based on their dispersion characteristics, or the size of the area they can effectively cover. This is often referred to as off-axis frequency response , and in an effort to improve this response, some tweeters are coupled to a horn. The armies of the titanium cone tweeters are worst then a nuclear war. Yes, the tweeters are vivid and crisp, but not harsh at all. I reduced the 1kHz peak using the built-in variable one-band equalizer on my amp.

Tweeters are the most important part of getting good staging. They should be aimed towards the middle of the car. Ultra Tweeters are compatible with all speakers and because they operate at such extremely high frequencies, one does not have to worry about beaming, time alignment of drivers or matching the acoustic output of the existing speakers. Operation: Ultra Tweeters may be placed on top of the existing speaker cabinets. In order to generate and stabilise an arc, power will be required, so the tweeters are connected to your house AC. When they recognise an incoming signal they turn on with three consecutive clicks, which takes less than 30 seconds.

Most tweeters are now dome shaped and made of silk, or titanium. The tweeter design is intended to convert the signal of the amplifier into air movement with nothing taken in or taken out. If the tweeters are connected to a passive crossover (passive crossover between the amp and the tweeter), the clipping may have little or no effect on the tweeters' reliability. When the amplifier clips, there will be essentially no instantaneous output from the crossover (during the time the amplifier is actually clipping) and there will be virtually no voice coil overheating from the clipping. After thousands of experiments, AURUM CANTUS' special transformers for the aluminum -ribbon tweeters are developed, which are with high efficiency, wide frequency band and little distortion, successfully solving the problem of low impedance of the aluminum-ribbon diaphragms.

Their tweeters are annoying to me and i much prefer AVI mids too. Dynaudio's are nice but very expensive here. EXCEL tweeters are supplied with diaphragms made from textile fabric, aluminum, or high purity magnesium. All two-piece diaphragm assemblies utilize the SEAS exclusive SONOMAX surround material. Cone tweeters are efficient and the most economical. Dome tweeters, are very similar to the type found in most home speakers.

Tweeters are treated differently in that there are other variables and designs to consider, such as ribbon speakers (see below) which are beyond the scope of this article. All the principles described above are only the tip of the iceberg pertaining to the design and implementation of speakers. They cannot handle appreciable power without breaking up, and the tweeters are too sensitive vs the woofers--or at least vs what power the woofers CAN handle. Although the passive crossovers allow too much reinforcement around the crossover frequency--I'll bet this is a problem for ANY moderately-priced component speakers--this can be overcome using active crossover or parametric EQ. Such tweeters are called a "plasma" tweeter or "ion" tweeter. They are more complex than other tweeters (plasma generation is not required in other types), but offer the advantage that the moving 'diaphragm' is optimally low mass, and so very responsive to the signal input.

The tweeters are there to provide added high frequency "presence.".Properly wired, they can do a good job at this. However, your 38-690 tweeters may NOT be properly wired! It is assumed that tweeters are not already installed, as is the case for the early RS and LS models. GS-R models, as well as most newer RS, LS, and GS models, have factory tweeters installed, so replacing them with a different model if so desired should be quite simple, provided the new tweeters are not too small for the factory openings. MDT40 tweeters are, in most respects identical to the MDT30/32 tweeters. Their primary differences are their diminutive 54 mm (2-1/8") square face plate.

In many cases in lower cost equipment, typically portable stereos (boomboxes), flat disc piezo tweeters are fitted that have an audio output that is too small to hear. The devices are fitted to enable claims of 2 or 3 way speaker systems. The tweeters are Vifa model D20TD-05 - 6 ohms (they also say "704" on the stickers on the magnets). Overall diameter is 3 3/4 inches (with a 3 3/8 bolt pattern). The Focals are using the included crossovers, and the tweeters are incredible. They are not harsh even when the volume is cranked right up.

Tweeters are much smaller units, designed to produce the highest frequencies. And if you think about it, this makes perfect sense. The tweeters are identical except for the dome material. The curves for aluminum are typical for this material. Pure aluminium ribbon tweeters are rated out to 40 kilohertz, which is beyond the range of human hearing. However, the ultra-high 40kHz is beneficial for digital sources like super-audio CDs and for upgrading overall high-frequency requirements.

Regarding the crossovers the Polk db1001 tweeters are 12dB or octave and power of 4 KHz to the inline passive crossover along with an electronic protection circuit for the tweeters to offer them long life reliability. The Polk db1001 tweeter package also includes the mounting cups that allow you to flush or surface installs the tweeters. The tweeters are low and out of sight while providing integration with the door speakers which now image at window level. You won?need any bass or treble boost once the HDSS? tweeters are in the system. Tweeters are used to produce very high range noises. The human ear can hear between about 20 to 20k hertz.

Well I got my AR-4x fired up and my tweeters are good. Dirty pots like all AR'e BUt here is the big suprise the 8 inch woofers have cloth Surrounds.I thought all AR had converted to foam by the AR-4's They have one inch voice coils not 1/2 inch like my AR-7's The two wooferas are nothing alike but neither speaker ever had the grill removed. The tweeters are giving me a bit of indegestion. I've nailed it down to either soft domes or the new ribbon style. The information package we supply may be retained by the buyer, even if the tweeters are returned for the specified 50% refund.

The Super Tweeters are best placed centrally on top of existing speakers. The (supplied) DCT 1.5m cables are connected to the main speakers' tweeter terminals or directly across the power amplifier. Tweeters are very small but need to mounted where they fire nearly directly at you or they may not be heard properly. Some tweeters have better off axis response than others. The driver's side tweeter is a good 6" closer than the passanger side, and the tweeters are a good bit closer than the woofers too.

The tweeters are not physically damaged. I do need to figure out what caused this? The tweeters are the same as in the earlier models, the MT20HFC. The filter components were premium quality. The Ultra Tweeters are connected to the output terminals of existing speakers with speaker cables - preferably light, flexible ones - since the Ultra Tweeters themselves are quite light. Ultra Tweeter principle of operation is very unconventional.

Most tweeters are ?” in size, and they can be easily replaced. This seems weird to me - if the tweeters are AFTER the mids in the circuit, everything should work, right? I've tried turning up the volume a fair amount from the PC side, thinking maybe I wasn't providing enough power to run both speakers in the doors, but that didn't help.






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